• Matthew Diemer

Why Am I So Confident?

I think the chance for change is better than ever. There have never been so many people questioning the status quo, and looking for an alternative.

If you think so too, could you consider donating? $5, $10, $20, $50, any amount will make such a difference for getting the word out that there’s a better choice forward in the next election.


I’m in favor of small local businesses over large multinational corporations. I’m also in favor of average Americans over billionaires. That alone has gained me a lot of support from voters who previously supported Republican candidates.

But after Anthony Gonzalez (R.) announced his retirement from politics, I was almost overwhelmed. So many people who would have otherwise supported Gonzalez for re-election are behind me, because they know I’m going to do a far better job at representing their interests than Trump’s hand-picked candidate, Max Miller.

That’s why I am so confident about our ability to win this election: because Americans who previously believed otherwise are now 100% onboard.

Let’s face it, people are simply becoming fatigued by the constant antagonism of American politics. And it’s a simple fact that Trump’s endorsed candidates will be keeping that antagonism alive.

But our political representation should not be a fight, it should be a team effort.

We’re all trying to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones, and our politicians have been blinded by partisanship, becoming fixtures in their respective offices, and bowing to the desires of big money lobbyists.

Can you help me in my mission to restore civility and sensibility to American politics?


Politics do not have to be like they are today. We can fix it, together.