• Matthew Diemer

Who’s Being Boxed Out?

I’ve been getting so much positive feedback on my “election results” take. Basically, that the candidates who won did so by appealing to people rather than radical talking points.

So that makes it all the more sensible that the Ohioan Senate GOP is trying to abandon Max Miller. Their proposed map of Congressional District lines--and this is really interesting--actually gerrymander in opposition to Max Miller’s political aspirations.

Even the GOP doesn’t want to have Miller creating more division in our wonderful state. It’s because they’re now realizing that it doesn’t win elections.

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The Republican party is still reeling from the 2020 election. It’s trying to figure out how it can win back the support that Trump attracted in the first place. Trump was polarizing because he presented himself as a political outsider who would come in and do a better job than the insiders.

That appealed to the growing distrust Americans have of their representatives. Everyone can feel the huge divide between the two major parties, but less talked about is the division between regular people and their representatives.

So it’s clear: the winner is not the one who plays on the first divide, between parties, but the one who tries to shrink the second, between themselves and their constituents.

That’s why mine is a winning strategy: bridge both. We need representatives who will listen to their opposite numbers and much more importantly to their own voters.

There are lines drawn, but I’d like to step across them, will you join me?

That’s why Trump won in the first place. Not necessarily because he was listening to people, but because he was saying things they wanted to hear.

Now the problem Democrats are facing is that people don’t want to hear a vitriolic stance against everything Republicans stand for just to set the two parties apart in the minds of voters.

And the problem Republicans are facing is exactly the same. They need their party members to stop parroting extreme rhetoric and start focusing on an attempt at unity.

That puts Max Miller between a rock and a hard place. He can’t back down from his radical agenda because he’s basically the ex-president’s shadow.

So the Ohio senate GOP has proposed (still nothing finalized) a map that disfavors Max Miller.

And rational people can see that Max Miller is fanatical in his agenda. He wants to create more division, and stoke more discontent.

That’s a losing strategy, and the GOP realizes it.

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I’ve been thrilled by all the support that’s poured in. A lot of people looking for a sensible candidate to support next November have found exactly what they’re looking for in me. Thank you so much.