• Matthew Diemer

What’s the Difference Between a Joint and a Needle?

Today, I want to talk a little bit about marijuana…

Mary Jane…




A drug by any other name is still a drug.

And I don’t believe that we should treat marijuana like it’s totally harmless to the point of allowing it to be advertised and marketed towards our children, like alcohol and tobacco are (hint: I don’t think those should be marketed to kids either, but here we are).

But I do strongly believe that marijuana should be decriminalized, and that non-violent marijuana offenders do not deserve prison time.

It’s just a different class of drug than heroin or crack, and marijuana criminalization is probably one of the worst and wastefully expensive parts of the War on Drugs.

If we decriminalized, the money we spent on over-enforcement and incarceration could be pumped back into our communities for education and rehabilitation programs.

I want to see our communities thrive, and to do that we need to find the money to make it happen.

To me, the money we could divert back to our communities with the decriminalization of marijuana is a no-brainer.

What do you think?

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