• Matthew Diemer

We're Falling Behind... Here's Why

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about how a lack of peacemaking in Washington has been holding us back from getting back to the moon.

But it’s not just space exploration that has been kneecapped from growth and progress.

That last link is behind a paywall, but long story short, it talks about how American math and engineering achievements have been on the decline for decades.

It also says this:

To me, this is unacceptable. America is the greatest country in the world, and our technology, infrastructure, and quality of life should reflect that.

Unfortunately, right now, it doesn’t add up.

And it’s not because Americans have suddenly gotten lazy or stupid.

It’s because we have political parasites feeding off of our division.

Whenever there’s an American outrage, there’s an entire ecosystem making profit from it. Corporations, career politicians, media personalities, and more. And as long as our deeply hurtful division keeps buying them second homes and designer clothes, they couldn’t care less about what it’s doing to our country.

I’m here to say that if our country is to survive, let alone thrive, we need to begin having conversations to bridge our divisions.

And I truly believe that I’m the candidate to do so.

In my podcasting career, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with all sorts of people, and you know what I’ve found?

Common ground with pretty much everyone.

I truly people that people will agree on 90% (at least) of the issues.

Think about it…

Safety, security, a good, happy life.

Access to things like education and medical care without fears of overwhelming debt.

Being able to own a home.

Feeling protected.

Being able to pursue dreams without major obstacles.

Being able to be the person you want to be, and to live the life you want to live.

That’s what I want, I believe that’s what you want, and I also believe that’s what most Americans want.

Are there some policy issues we’ll disagree about? Of course! That’s always going to happen.

But I believe that respectful disagreement, and a commitment to continuing conversations, is the ONLY way for us to move forward.

That’s why being a peacemaker is so important to me; it’s how I live my life every day, and it’s how I will pursue American progress in congress.

Will you help me go to Washington to begin to heal our division, and start getting stuff done for America?

I hope you see the value in peacemaking, and spread the word, have these conversations.

It’s literally our only way forward.

Would you consider donating to my campaign to bring peace and progress back to Washington for the sake of Northeast Ohio?