• Matthew Diemer

Unifying Our Nation Starts with this Campaign

My name is Matthew Diemer and I’m the Democratic nominee for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District. I’m running to bring unity to our district, to secure our supply chain, and to fight inflation for the sake of average Ohioans.

This is my first campaign, and I’ve already learned so much since I started running over a year ago. I’ve learned that average Americans are eager to band together against the issues our country is facing, and they’re so upset with the division that Washington has been sowing.

It’s high time Ohio’s 7th had a representative who truly cares about the peoples’ needs and wants instead of trying to turn citizens against each other.

I was born right here in Slavic Village, and I have always wanted to serve my community the best way I can. Right now that means running for and winning a seat in Congress, so that I can represent us accurately and fairly in D.C.

My background is in business, be it from managing diverse teams in huge multinational companies, or striking out on my own in the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I understand how much small businesses are hurting right now, and how much they need the support of their community to keep moving forward.

I am totally committed to innovation in America and will make it my mission in Congress to do as much as humanly possible to bring that innovation and prosperity right to Ohio’s 7th.

A word on the supply crisis and how we can fix it--together

No doubt that everyone in America has now felt the shock of supply shortages for manufactured goods. Everything’s in short supply, and though it seems to be improving a little bit, we need to start future-proofing our communities so that we aren’t caught out again.

We need to start building it in America again. Cars, computers, electronics, batteries, clothing, anything that we need, we should be building it for ourselves.

It’s going to take more than just building it here though. We need to completely transition from a global-scale supply chain to one that is domestically oriented.

Companies can’t rely on just-in-time logistics if they want any kind of fault tolerance. That’ll mean putting more workers between the customer and the end product, which means more jobs for Americans.

I’ve been so glad to see companies like Ford, Intel, and Hyperion making the necessary investments right here in Ohio, and when I go to Congress I want to increase investments like that ten-fold, ensuring that the average worker really sees the benefits.

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