• Matthew Diemer

Trying to Make Sure We're Not Outgunned

Today, I have another article about gerrymandering and redistricting for you, this time a conversation-- my favorite kind of way to get information!

It’s long, but detailed and very informative about the history of midterm elections.

This really stuck out to me:

I don’t know about you, but with the extremely slim lead that Democrats have in congress right now, I think we need to be doing just as much as Republicans to be ready for these midterm elections.

Trump is already campaigning for his hand-picked candidates, including one of the Republican opponents in my election.

As the only Democrat who’s running and fundraising every day, it can honestly feel like an uphill battle.

While my opponents have the whole weight of their party behind them, and all the money and resources that entails…

… I have you.

My campaign is completely reliant on independent donors like you, and if I’m to have any chance in this race, I need more donations to be coming in.

Trust me, I absolutely hate asking for money, but this is the unfortunate reality of American politics right now.

Would you consider making a recurring donation? By becoming a member of the team and signing up for sustaining donations, you’re sending a loud message to the establishment that you’re ready for a Democrat to take this seat that has been in Republican hands for so long.

A one-time donation would be great too!! Seriously, every single dollar counts for so much.

Thank you for everything. Even just reading these blog posts and hearing me out means so much.

Talk soon.