• Matthew Diemer

There’s More to Representation than Showtunes...

What do you consider yourself? An independent? A moderate? A die-hard Democrat? Whatever you think of yourself as being, you can agree that we need less radicalism in the capitol.

That’s just what Trump’s crony, “Music Man” Max Miller wants to bring. More radicalism. More insanity.

Now let’s compare that to the previous incumbent, Anthony Gonzalez (R.)...

It’s ironic, since Gonzalez had previously voted mostly in-line with the Republican party’s agenda. But as soon as he called out the former president for the endangerment of lives on January 6th, the Republican establishment targeted him.

Gonzalez recognized a growing toxicity within the Republican party.

It can no longer represent its average Americans, or even its constituency.

This article paints a bleak picture of the future following Gonzalez’s retirement:

But it misses out on one critical fact:

There is another way forward.

We need a change in Ohio. Not an increase in radicalism, but an increase in common sense. A change that invites clear-headed deliberation of our problems, and presents clear-headed solutions.

Please join me in my mission to bring sensible change to the capitol. To stem the tide against the radicals who are turning American politics into a circus. To unite Ohio with solutions we can all get behind.


This election is critical to the foundation of American democracy, because if Trump’s “Music Man” wins, it sends a message that Americans will still abide by the former president’s lunacy.

I don’t want that, and I don’t think you want that either, which is why I so appreciate your hearing me out.