• Matthew Diemer

The Changes that are Imperative for Congress

We're about 6 weeks from the Primary, and we still don't have clear direction about the state of maps. It's absolutely imperative we meet our raise goals if we want to hit the ground running in this race.

Do you want Ohio to become a hub of innovative new technologies? Quality healthcare that is accessible to every American? Then contribute today, and help us reach our $20,000 raise goal. Any amount makes a difference.

The division rife in American politics has to end. It is simply unsustainable. As a nation we must come together to face the challenges ahead.

Opportunities create opportunities

Contributing today will give us a really good shot of getting the word out that there is a better choice for Ohio. That means yard signs, door hangers, mailers, all telling people what you already know: that Americans are sick of the way things are going, and we want a change for the better.

When we start building in America, we start creating more opportunities than we can imagine. For every opportunity we create here in America, we get at least three more in the form of supporting roles: restaurants, child care, housing.

That's why it's so critical that we start making these American opportunities a priority in Congress. Contribute today to help us reach our $20,000 raise goal so that Congress starts generating these opportunities.

It's also high time for Ohio to become a hub for new industries: innovative manufacturing, disruptive software solutions, and advanced production. When I go to Congress I will ensure that technological progress is never discounted. Contributing right now will help propel America into a brighter future.

What do you expect of your representative?

All the time, people tell me that I'm "too honest" to be a politician. If you have a similar perspective, if you expect politicians to lie and cheat and do anything they can to get elected, then maybe I'm not the candidate for you.

But if you still have hope that it's still possible for a representative to represent the interests of their constituents, then consider making a contribution right now to ensure that hope remains alive.

Contributing today is so vital because there is so much confusion and lack of direction regarding the Congressional districting. That's why we have to hit the ground running, and if we hit our raise goal of $20,000 we can do just that.

Contributing today can ensure Congress starts investing in American manufacturing, securing our supply line, and generating new opportunities for all Americans.

Redistricting update! 🚨

Ohio’s supreme court decided on the latest round of maps proposed by the redistricting committee. Once again they’ve decided that the maps do not follow the spirit of the process.

This decision makes it unclear once again what will happen next, but in any case it is so important for us to raise funds this week. Will you chip in today?

The redistricting process was decided on by the people of Ohio because we wanted fair and representative districts. State representatives have drawn out the process for months.

How sad is it that Ohioans voted explicitly for fair maps, and our representatives have taken it as an opportunity for partisan gerrymandering?

It's time for this style of "1 team wins or everyone loses" politics to end. In Congress I will never be accused of not listening to all sides. Because if you never listen to anyone else then no one will want to listen to you.

Contributing today will help us move closer to our $20,000 raise goal, and help ensure American politics stops being so polarized.

That starts when representatives stop co-opting democratic processes to try to advance their own agendas. Contributing right now will make sure that every dialogue begins with listening.

Since the last proposed maps have not been accepted by Ohio’s supreme court, there is still a lack of direction for candidates. That's why it's so important to chip in what you can today, to make sure that when the maps are final we can hit the ground running.

America needs to become self-reliant in the coming years if we want to compete with other powers from a place of strength. A great step in that direction is creating opportunities for young people: teaching trades in high school, coding in junior high, and creating viable University parallel career paths for students.

Chipping in can get Congress to start implementing the changes we need to make to compete in the 2030s. Contributing any amount can move us closer to our $20,000 raise goal.

There's no reason Ohio can't be a hub for innovative technical manufacturing. We've done it before, and now the stakes are so much higher as we compete on a global stage. Radical policy can fast-track the development of new carbon neutral energy production, and brand new innovations. Contributing today can help move America forward. I can't wait to step into that future with you.