• Matthew Diemer

The Best Option, Not a Lesser Evil

Every month this campaign has a break-even amount of $9,534. We’re currently $8,500 short of this month’s goal. I’ve put almost all of my own money into this campaign because I believe in the people of Northeastern Ohio. But I need help if we’re going to make strides in Washington. Please consider helping us meet our goal today.


I’m running in this race because I know I can provide the small-business obsessed, manufacturing focused, peacemaker perspective that’s so critical for Ohio’s representation. In Congress I’ll search for new ways to come together for middle-of-the-road solutions that everybody can benefit from.

It’s more than possible for Northeast Ohio to play host to good companies with good jobs. We have the best workforce in the country, and produce things of the highest quality.

It’s in the interest of innovative new companies and industry titans to base their manufacturing in Ohio because of our long history as makers. And when companies come we’ll have a chance to cut workers in on the deal.

It’s critical that representatives are aware of the pitfalls that come with new business ventures, and how the most vulnerable people can get burned in the deal. That’s why my wealth of experience in business and entrepreneurship would be so beneficial for Northeast Ohio.

I can anticipate problems and come up with solutions in favor of our fantastic workers. That means not only cutting workers in on the deal, but making sure that it’s a good deal.


Most candidates will appeal in whatever way they can to get votes. A lot of the polarization we witness is because candidates find it easier to cast their opponents in a negative light than it is to cast themselves in a positive light.

But I don’t want to do that.

Sure, I see a lot of problems with my opponent, and I would never ever vote for him, but I don’t want support for me to be borne of spite for him.

I want to make it clear that I’m the best option, instead of just a better option.

I’m pro-growth and want to enact policies which will benefit the communities of Ohio by bringing good jobs and opportunities. I also want to build bridges and end the senseless division plaguing our political sphere.

I’m Matthew Diemer, the best candidate for Northeast Ohio.

We need this win.

Because the one thing Congress needs more than anything right now is a listener. Not someone who just likes to hear the sound of their own voice. Someone who can listen and try to understand everyone’s position.

Maybe politicians are scared that people don’t know the difference between understanding and agreeing. They underestimate how much Americans truly understand.

The first step to changing minds is knowing where someone is coming from. A lot of Congresspeople seem determined not even to do that. That’s what I want to bring to Congress.

A sense of understanding.


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