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The 3 Things Businesses Need to Succeed

Today, let’s talk about the 3 things, in my experience, that every small business needs to succeed, and the ways in which I envision providing them to Northeast Ohioans as their congressman.

The 3 Essentials For Building A Business

1. Know-How

No matter what kind of path a person goes down, gaining a knowledge base is critical to a successful future. Personally, I took a winding path-- from a high school dropout to a GED recipient, to community college, to a 4-year school, to a master’s program. It was a hard path, but every step pushed me further toward success.

I am a big believer in all sorts of school for all sorts of people, and importantly, in making it affordable and accessible for every American citizen. Our public schools, our community colleges, trade schools, and public universities need to be accessible and cutting edge, to help people pursue careers and lives with dignity and comfort.

2. Network

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” I believe it’s crucial we have both, and I am not a fan of mindless nepotism that puts people in jobs beyond their experiences and skills, just because of who they know.

(For example-- a young man whose main job experience is being an aide in one of the most chaotic presidential administrations in history being thrust upon Northeast Ohioans… sound familiar?)

However, I do believe that growing a personal network is critical to success. I’m still working with people I first met years ago. I help them, they help me, and we support each other through the ups and downs of business and life. Having a network helps people to find connections to grow their businesses, collaborate, and organize to make their businesses better.

3. Capital

And the big one-- capital. In order to build businesses, people need the money to do so. They need to be able to invest in infrastructure to get their businesses off the ground, in marketing, supplies, employees, and growth.

I believe that the government assistance during the pandemic was critical to helping small businesses survive, but I also think we should be doing more during regular times. We should be incentivizing business operators and helping them pursue their audacious goals.

I’m not talking about handouts, like the kinds of enormously generous tax breaks that our government hands out to giant corporations. I’m talking about making Northeast Ohio (and America) a better place for business by empowering the entrepreneurs who are risking it all to continue operations, and to help them if they stumble.

I believe the government can and should do more to help small businesses thrive, and I know that as a congressman representing Northeast Ohio, I would fight for every small business as if it were my own.

Do you think I missed anything, or have any other ideas for how to build business?

Shoot me an email, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Also, would you consider helping my campaign with Essential #3? A grassroots campaign like ours is reliant on everyday donors like you to pitch in, and vote with your dollars to say that you want to see a pro-business Democrat in congress, representing Northeast Ohio.

Every dollar counts.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be sharing with you the story of a Northeast Ohioan who has used the three essentials to build a growing business-- as a teenager!

Talk soon.


Matthew Diemer

P.S-- July is the first month in the quarter, and a great time to set the tone for our next filing. If we come in with a strong push of donations, we will have the resources to continue this battle.

It’s going to be hard to fight against one of Trump’s hand-picked candidates, but I am more than ready for it-- are you?

Click here now if you’d like to join our movement to flip this seat blue.

Thank you for reading.

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