• Matthew Diemer

Small Business Takes Us to the Stratosphere 🚀

I want to talk with you today about small business and entrepreneurship-- why I have made it the first pillar of my campaign, and why I think it’s just so damn important.

The truth is, small business and entrepreneurship are essential threads in the fabric of America. They always have been, and they always will be.

Why is small business so important?

It’s not just that they are on the ground floor in our communities in ways that large corporations just can’t be. Small businesses are agile, adaptable, and as such, are a perfect breeding ground for innovation.

So when I say that I want to see small businesses thrive, I’m not just talking about having a nice, thriving Main Street in my neighborhood. I’m talking about empowering a nation of innovation.

America has always been on the cutting edge. Just check out these great articles listing our most incredible innovations, including the very form of communication I’m using to talk to you right now!

I love learning about the extraordinary leaps in technology and manufacturing that came from the brains of these American heroes.

And American innovation hasn’t only improved life on earth, it has brought us to the moon!

Here’s a NASA article about the important advances in science that came along with the Apollo 11 mission:

And for anyone who thinks that trips to space don’t benefit us here on Earth-- check out the bottom of the second page of that article-- this mission is what revolutionized solar panels and brought them into our consciousness as an energy solution-- one that we’re increasingly relying on today!

I just love learning about these mind-boggling human accomplishments. It’s why one of my favorite podcast episodes was my conversation with Sara Fisher, the executive director of the International Women’s Air and Space Museum, right here in Northeast Ohio. You can read more about the museum and why I highlighted them in this blog post here:

Or, listen to the podcast, here:

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the people who make this all possible. They are the ones taking risks, and pushing creative limits. It’s how they roll!

I know, because I come from a family of risk-takers and business-builders, and I followed in those same footsteps.

That’s why I think I’m uniquely qualified to go to congress to fight for Northeast Ohio. I haven’t made a career of being a politician or a lawyer or a guy at a big finance firm. I’ve made a career out of non-traditional education paths, followed by non-traditional career choices, eventually ending up as an entrepreneur and now a congressional candidate.

I know what people need to make a business work, and I am determined to encourage and empower entrepreneurship on a huge scale from Washington.

Do you want to invest in a large-scale revolution of small business? Consider donating to my campaign, to help me help entrepreneurs. $5, $60, $100-- the bigger the investment the bigger the possibilities.

But even a small investment can make a HUGE difference, especially if you’re able to make it on a recurring basis-- would you think about setting aside $20 a month to keep our campaign going? For the cost of one (pricey but delicious!) burger and fries, you would be pledging allegiance to entrepreneurship and innovation in America.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking to you more about the 3 things that every business needs to succeed, and some ideas about how I hope to make them widely available to our community in Northeast Ohio.

Do you have input about how to make small business huge? Shoot me an email connect with me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m available and eager to talk to you!

Talk soon,

Matthew Diemer

P.S-- July is the first month in the quarter, and a great time to set the tone for our next filing. If we come in with a strong push of donations, we will have the resources to continue this battle.

It’s going to be hard to fight against one of Trump’s hand-picked candidates, but I am more than ready for it-- are you?

Click here now if you’d like to join our movement to flip this seat blue.

Thank you for reading.