• Matthew Diemer

Shrinking the \_____/ gap

Do you know about the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the United States?

Never before have we had such a disparity between the poorest Americans and the richest Americans. It begs the question of what we can do so that everyone has an equal chance at prosperity.

Can you contribute today? Your support right now would make it possible to launch brand new campaign initiatives by the end of the month. That means more outreach, more support, and more people pushing for an increase to America’s middle-class.


It turns out that the rising disparity is not as insidious as it seems. According to studies, more people are rising out of the middle class than are falling out of it.

But there’s no way that means we shouldn’t be doing anything, because the rate at which people move from working-class to middle-class should be higher than it is now.

Ohio is one of, if not the best manufacturing centers in the world. Ohio can become a superpower in new and emerging industries if it’s given the chance. I want to see Ohio attract these industries, and I want workers to be in on the deal from day one.

That’s the key to companies that build lasting manufacturing communities. They listen to their workforce and provide what they need, and then some.

From day one there are a few things that should already be decided on: healthcare, pensions, maternity leave, wages, maternity leave, etcetera.

Innovative industries such as solar, wind, geoelectric, integrated system integrators, and of course, the automotive industry all have the capital to provide the things above, and a little extra.

The margin between treading water and thriving is absolutely critical for working class families to transition to the middle class. Ohio has the best workforce on the planet, and it’s just a matter of getting the industries to set up here, and that’s where I come in.

I will strive to make Ohio as attractive as possible to American companies which are pioneering in innovative manufacturing technologies. We can make it possible for any citizen to find a well-paying job in an expanding industry so that they can provide for their entire family.

There’s work to be done, so let’s get to it.


With the local elections behind us, most everyone is looking forward to next year. A lot of people have no hope for next November, but I want to change that. With your support, we can start launching new initiatives this month that will make all the difference come next November.