• Matthew Diemer

Shining a Light on Congress

Every single year, Americans feel more and more disconnected from the decision-making that directly affects their livelihoods, their healthcare, their children’s schools, and a host of other issues. Representatives seem less and less interested in representing.

That’s where I come in.

I’m not running for special interest groups, I’m not trying to push an agenda that will help some corporation’s bottom line, and I’m not running just to collect donations. I’m running for you.

We need openness and transparency to make a come-back in Congress.

In Congress I will be as transparent as I legally can be, to give you the assurance that I am representing your interests. Will you help bring transparency to Congress?

No other candidate is willing to step up and point out blatant hypocrisy. I am that candidate. I am on a mission to root out the corruption running rampant in D.C., the corruption that costs tens of billions in YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

I will never bow to big money lobbyists trying to turn a buck off of war, so I need your help right now to win this election. Contribute today to end the destructive corruption in Congress.

This is the kind of thing that really gets my blood boiling:

[Here's Who REALLY Won the War in Afghanistan]

We need to band together to stop letting our tax dollars fuel corrupt politics. Contributing today will help put a stop to it.

Giving Your Representative a Grade

How much do you know about the people representing you in the House of Representatives and the Senate? Did you vote for them? How did they vote on the issues that are most important to you?

Did you know that there’s a tool that makes it easy to answer these questions?

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to

  2. In the top right search field, enter the name of the representative you’re interested in

Govtrack homepage search

You’ll see a breakdown of quantitative information. (Extremely helpful at getting a surface-level understanding of their work in the house, but not necessarily the full picture)

Representatives don’t want you to know about the tools that make it easier to check up on them. They don’t want you looking over your shoulder as they pass bills that are tailor-made for special interests groups in Washington. They want to keep you in the dark.

That’s why I will never be afraid of my constituents looking over my shoulder. Because that’s how I know you’ll be watching my back, and that’s how you’ll know that I’ll look out for your best interests in Washington.

So contribute today, because it will help end corruption in Congress.

Did you know that campaigns are required by law to disclose their finances? The Federal Election Commission (FEC) makes it easier to track what campaigns are spending on, and who they’re paying.

Here are the steps to look at the disclosures on any candidate:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the Candidate’s name in the left-hand search bar

  3. Search

  4. Click on the candidate’s name

You can also filter by what years they ran. It also shows quite clearly how much the candidate has raised from individual contributions, versus those received from “authorized committees.”

Using this tool can make it quite obvious which candidates are representing individuals’ interests, and which candidates are representing committees’ interests.

If you want to see a candidate who will take on corruption in Congress without flinching or getting bought out, contribute today.

How to Find Candidate Disclosures

Did you know that candidates running for the house of representatives are required to make disclosures about their finances?

If you want to see the financial disclosures of any candidate, you can:

  1. Go to

  2. Select “Search Reports” in the left-hand menu

  3. Select either “Search Members” or “Search candidates”

  4. Enter at least their last name

  5. Search

This campaign isn’t about what I want. It’s about what you want.

So please let me know what you want from your representation in Congress. Reach out to me by replying to this email, or on social media:

I want to know what issues are most important to YOU, so that I can go to Congress confident that any decision I make will be led by what YOU need.