• Matthew Diemer

Selling America

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The US government sells bonds with a fixed interest rate over a certain amount of time. So if you buy a $100 bond now with a 1% interest rate, you’ll get back $101 at the end of the year. It is considered the most secure investment on Earth, and the United States has never ever defaulted on its loans.

So if a consensus isn’t reached in the senate come this December, we would be looking at a major catastrophe for the world economy. Most US government bonds are actually owned by foreign governments and investors, which means the consequences of breaching the debt ceiling would not be limited to America.

Our word as a nation is bound on the dollars spent by our congress. America IS a nation worth investing in, now more than ever.

So the fact that the senate is toying with the idea of breaking that word is mad.

Our nation’s debts, its word, is of the most serious nature.

Letting it be tarnished would not only be a misrepresentation of the honest will of the American people, but it would completely disrupt the world’s economy.

America’s word is still good for now, but as we move forward we need to think about making more sustainable obligations. Right now, if the US defaulted, it would only be able to pay $1 for every $2 it’s already pledged.

I want to bring solutions to congress, and break down the antagonism currently infesting our politics. There’s a better way forward as a nation, and I wonder if you’d consider donating so we can go that way, {{FirstName or 'Friend'}}?


Right now more than ever we need to find a middle-ground, and to shrink the void that exists in our politics. A house divided cannot stand.