• Matthew Diemer

Republicans Want YOU to “Vote Democrat!”

A lot of people reach out to me every day. “Matthew, why are you running as a Democrat in a district that is historically red?” They reach out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by replying to my emails.

I have the same answer every time. Now is exactly the time when there is a need for a sensible Democrat to represent Northeastern Ohio’s interests, instead of the alternative…

American politics has been getting crazier and crazier. The disagreement and polarization has been reaching precipitous heights.

If Max Miller (R.) wins this election, Northeastern Ohio will be continuing on the same trend of moving further and further from center. Trump’s endorsing quite a few candidates for the upcoming election. 42 candidates in total.

If every one of those candidates is elected, what can we expect?

The GOP is hardly representing its constituency as it is, but it’ll keep losing its grip at this rate. Some Republicans have even started to urge anyone they can to “Vote Democrat!”

That’s how bad it’s getting. The Republican party is playing host to the same toxicity that convinced Anthony Gonzalez (R.) not to go on. If nothing happens, then soon Trump’s cohort will be misrepresenting America again. They will push radical agendas just to increase the conflict that is already plaguing Congress.

Luckily there’s an alternative. We can stop Trump-backed radicals right in Ohio. All we need is for the word to get out that there’s an alternative.

That’s where you come in.

Unlike Max Miller, who is financing his campaign with help from his millionaire buddies, I’m relying on regular people like you.

That makes every dollar you donate all the more important, because I’m extremely careful about how I spend it. Every dollar donated means one more person we can reach.

One more person trying to return America to normalcy. One more person who’s in favor of small businesses instead of billionaires. One more person who wants to see the middle-class grow, rather than shrink.

And where there’s one, there’s more.


My campaign has been gaining so much momentum, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.