• Matthew Diemer

Raising the Roof!

Have you been seeing the news about the debt ceiling crisis? Have you been wondering exactly what the debt ceiling means? I’d like to give my 2 cents on it (maybe that will pay it down) but first, have you considered contributing to my cause?

I want to bring sensible representation to Ohio. This election is so critical to make sure radicalism does not gain more traction in America.


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Unfortunately the government can only cover about $1 for every $2 it’s already pledged to pay.

While this doesn’t seem too bad, its effects could be catastrophic for average Americans, and even lead to a recession.

All of this is aggravated by the fact that house Republicans were playing political chicken on the issue, holding back on legislation everyone wants and needs to get house Democrats to yield on other issues.

Luckily, the house did vote on Thursday to raise the debt ceiling by $480 billion which the treasury predicts will get us to December. At that point the same show will play out again, but Republicans have already vowed not to let it pass again.

We must put an end to this kind of partisanship based around policy which everybody can already agree is necessary.

I’m running in Ohio as a Democrat because we need a break from the kind of radical ideals the GOP has been embracing since Trump was elected. Trump even said that the Republican party made a big mistake by voting to raise the ceiling, even when everyone knows that to do otherwise would have terrible consequences.

Please consider contributing to my campaign to prevent politicians in Washington from playing a dangerous game--where the only losers will be the American people.


Our cause has been getting so much positive support lately, and I sincerely thank everyone for their support.