• Matthew Diemer

Pushing it to the Limit

Last week, we talked about campaign finance. You can find some of my thoughts on the blog, here:

This week, in keeping with the theme of government reform, we’re talking term limits.

Look, I know that sometimes it takes a few years to get something done. But I also truly, STRONGLY believe that career politicians are bad for our country. It makes re-election the primary concern, instead of progress and proper representation of the people who actually elected you.

I want to see more politicians representing us who actually know what the heck we’ve gone through-- not Ivy League lawyers and scions who’ve never had a job outside of politics.

And I believe term limits would help that.

Here’s a first pass of what I think term limits should look like:

President: 2 terms, 8 years (the only currently suitable term limit)

Supreme Court Justice: 18 years-- still by appointment, but no more of this “lifetime” BS

Senate: 2 terms, 12 years

House: 5 terms, 10 years

Now, these term limits do leave it open for someone to spend a lifetime in politics, but I believe it would make it a little bit harder, and it would behoove aspiring politicians to have another career, a different place to get their hands dirty and to connect with the people they allegedly want to represent.

I’ll talk more in depth about why I propose these term limits this week.

Until then, would you help my campaign to become a first-term congressman? Every dollar works on putting an outsider Democrat into Congress. I will not be milking my constituency for a cush career, but will instead be doing my darndest to get things done. It’s just who I have always been.

Let me know what you think about term limits by finding me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Talk soon.


Matthew Diemer