• Matthew Diemer

Prioritizing Our Nation

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Have you read the news about Congress’s subpoena for former President Trump’s former top adviser, Steve Bannon?

Bannon did not cooperate with the subpoena, and Congress voted last Thursday to hold Bannon in criminal contempt (229 to 202). Congress is investigating the January 6th riot which shocked our nation.

They are pursuing all available avenues, and one of them has led to Steve Bannon, who might have known the riot was going to happen. He met with team Trump the day before the riot, and on his podcast said that “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.”

Out of nine democrats who voted to hold Bannon in criminal contempt, seven previously voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment following the January 6th riot. Anthony Gonzalez (R.) was one of them.

Anthony Gonzalez, who has decided to retire from Congress because of the rampant toxicity of his own party. He took a stand against the former president who spurred on the defilement of our sacred democracy.

And on Thursday he demonstrated once again a lesson that every American who calls his or her self a political representative should learn: how to put Country over Party.

Today America’s division is sewn deeper than ever. I aim to change that.

I’m sick and tired of watching as politicians encourage division to keep themselves in power--and I’m sure you are too. Their power rests with their political party, and if the party is keeping itself in power by creating division, any attempt at unification will be grounds for ousting.

We’ve seen it play out with Anthony Gonzalez. He made a clear-cut choice to vote with his conscience to hold Trump accountable for his role in the violent Capitol Riot. He immediately fell out of favor with the GOP, and has since announced his retirement.

We need more politicians like Mr. Gonzalez, who vote on issues because they’re right, and not just because their party says they’re right. Who represent the will of their constituents above their party.

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