• Matthew Diemer

One Side Wins, We All Lose

My message about putting country over party has resonated with a lot of people.

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Just like Mr. Gonzalez, I see that there is a need for unity in America. Our politics have become so divisive, and it begs the question: why?

Why are politics in America like this? There are too many reasons to go over every one now, but one big reason comes to mind immediately: our politics are divisive because politicians think they're a zero-sum game.

They think that if one side wins, the other side must lose.

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It's easy to think that, when it seems like every time Congress holds a vote it must be a battle waged by two opposing forces. That's why I respect Anthony Gonzalez's votes for impeachment, and more recently to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress.

It shows that he is willing to serve the will of the American people over the will of the Republican party.

Another thing he and I understand is the importance of manufacturing in Ohio. Ohio builds things, and better than anyone else. I will fight for Ohio to be the go-to place for innovative industries with large production capacities.

Anthony Gonzalez and I also understand that our current healthcare is not good enough. We need to drive down the costs of emergency care and prescription medicine, while also pushing forward innovation in the space.

It's possible to reach solutions that benefit all Americans, rather than just one party over another. We just have to be willing to choose Country over Party.

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With your help, these States of America can be re-United.