• Matthew Diemer

ONE DAY LEFT: What does Trump contribute to culture?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

How are you feeling? I hope the stress of Trump’s big comeback in Ohio isn’t too overwhelming. I’d love to hear how it makes you feel-- connect with me on Facebook or Twitter . I want to know how you’re doing. As for me, I’m thinking a lot about stochastic terrorism. Have you heard of it? It was defined in 2011 as: 1. The use of mass communication to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable. 2. Remote-control murder by lone wolf. This is the technique that Osama Bin Laden used to incite extremists from across the world. He would release videos describing people and places that deserved to be targeted, and left it up to random individuals to enact his plans, at the cost of human life. So, the stochastic terrorist is the person who uses mass communication to incite the lone wolves. The stochastic terrorist tells the lone wolves who is more and who is less deserving of human empathy. He tells them who should live and who should die. He works to create a culture where lone wolves feel power in their hatred, and accomplishment in murder. The stochastic terrorist uses rhetoric of “us vs. them” to dehumanize the “other.” Sound familiar? Trump may have paid lip service to denounce white supremacist domestic terrorism. But he continually undermined these flaccid denouncements. Right after he made them, he'd turn around and whip people into a frenzy about any group of people that didn’t look like him or have his privileges. And the lone wolves who were tuning into Trump always heard the hate, and never the weak pleas for reason. (It’s hard to plea for reason when you’re continually unreasonable.) What they heard was a message of hatred. A message of dehumanization. A message that contained a mission: eliminate the “other.” And plenty of men acted on his dog-whistle instructions. A man killed 20 people and injured many others in a rampage in El Paso, in order to further his racist, anti-immigrant agenda. One of his favorite social media photos was a picture of “Trump” spelled out using guns. White supremacist-inspired shootings not only increased in America, but internationally. The man who killed 6 innocent people at a mosque in Quebec had searched for Donald Trump over 800 times before he committed his deadly act-- he was inundated in Trump’s rhetoric and hateful empowerment.The man who killed 51 innocent people in New Zealand was a Trump fan-- he said that Trump was a beacon. Source:

Mass shooting vigil... I for one want to see less of these What did Trump think would happen when he retweeted violent and graphic anti-Muslim videos? What did he think would happen when he said that Latinx people were a bunch of rapists and thugs? What did he think would happen when he said the city of Baltimore the WORST in the nation-- a rodent-infested mess? What did he think would happen when he called COVID-19 the Kung Flu? If he didn’t know that his more extreme followers would feel empowered to do violence, then he has a dangerous lack of foresight that should disqualify him from participating in politics. If he did know that his far-right followers would attack innocent people, then he has a dangerous, hateful vision for America that should disqualify him from participating in politics. If he just didn’t care how his words affected people, then his lack of empathy is negligent and homicidally reckless, and should disqualify him from participating in politics. I truly believe it’s as simple as that. And I know not everyone will agree with me. They will point to the fact that he distanced himself from David Duke (AFTER he won the presidency with the KKK’s assistance). They will point to the fact that he has publicly denounced white supremacy (AFTER he said that there were “fine people on both sides” at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville). They will point to the fact that he told the violent January 6th insurgents to go home (AFTER he told them to come to Washington, and WHILE he told them that he loved them and he was proud of them for their violent riots). To me, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth so much that they should each have their own microphone. Better yet-- how about no more microphones for him at all? And now, here he is, coming to Northeast Ohio with thousands of his fans for his first post-presidential rally. Although-- you know that MANY of his followers still consider him to be the president, right? You know that they believe that the 2020 election was a fraud, a hoax, and completely illegal? And these people aren’t just way out there on the fringes where you can barely see them. They are here among us every single day. I know I have to hear them out. But you know who I’m sick of hearing? Trump. And his cronies, who just say what he says and do what he does. He’s coming here to Ohio for one of his famous rallies, and it honestly scares the heck out of me.

I have friends and family who will be attending his rally, and I worry for them. There’s a precedent for violence and extremism that comes out to play at his rallies. Remember this shooting in Washington? And I get so nervous thinking about the energy of thousands of people who wrongly believe that something was stolen from them. Thousands of people who have become so used to white supremacist violence they consider it normal, even necessary to preserve their way of life. Thousands of people who will show up angry and ready to take back what they think they are owed. I worry about my friends and family attending his rally, and I worry for everyone in our Northeast Ohio community. I want everyone to stay safe. I hope everyone can be protected. I hope our law enforcement community doesn’t have to deal with another traumatic situation like the brave officers in DC on January 6th. To contribute positively to our community, as such a destructive force descends upon it, I have spent this week highlighting local Northeast Ohio causes and businesses, so people who don’t know how to help have a place to start. Here are the previous posts: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Today, we’re talking to a couple of people who deeply understand and appreciate Cleveland. Let’s find out more about our city!

SPOTLIGHT ON: ✨🔆💡 Parma Public Housing Agency 💡🔆 ✨

In this episode, I was able to bring on Priscilla Pointer Hicks-- the Executive Director of Parma Public Housing Agency. She walked me through her impressive professional background, and thoroughly explained the intricacies of public housing authorities and agencies. I learned about how local agencies and authorities interact with HUD, the federal agency that oversees Housing and Urban Development, and eligibility for affordable housing-- how they decide who qualifies and who doesn’t, how she feels about the current system, and how she thinks the programs should operate as assistance to people. The realities of public housing’s availability (or lack thereof), and how people perceive those who need government assistance are really important to understand, and I so appreciated Ms. Hicks taking the time to educate me with a winning combination of empathy and facts. We also quizzed ourselves on the biggest cities in Ohio-- Parma’s ranking surprised the heck out of me-- it might surprise you too! Podcast link: Parma Public Housing Website: And now, for today's business! SPOTLIGHT ON: ✨🔆💡 Tours of Cleveland 💡🔆 ✨

I had a great time talking to Scott O’Con about how he moved to Cleveland and made the transition from working in HR to starting a small business that he’s extremely passionate about: Tours of Cleveland. We spoke about Cleveland, the magnificent arcade building, and his favorite building downtown, which often surprises people on his tour. I loved talking to Scott about the nooks and crannies of Cleveland-- even growing up here, I found out a lot that I didn’t know. You could test your Cleveland knowledge alongside me! Learning about Scott’s business and the different types of tours he does, including Tales of Terror during Halloween, which sounds amazing to me as a horror movie fan!! Learning more about the history and architecture of our community was so awesome. I hope you’ll give it a listen and hear more about Scott’s great business and Cleveland itself! Podcast link: Tours of Cleveland website: The people who I've highlighted this week are Ohioans at their best, and I want to work to make sure that every Ohioan has an amazing and triumphant story to share. As this rally, Trumps fans, and national media attention fall upon Northeast Ohio, I want us to keep in mind that we are an amazing community full of extraordinary people, and that hate has no place here. I’m working to show ourselves and the world that Northeast Ohio is a community of peace, unity, and building things, not tearing them down. As Donald Trump pushes forth one of his cronies to represent us, I hope you will keep in mind that there is someone here, fighting for Democrats, fighting for the people of Northeast Ohio. If you’d like to support me in my efforts, even a small donation goes a long way. I wouldn’t say no to $100, $200, or $500, either-- I need all the help I can get against an ex-presidential-backed opponent who has already raised over half a million dollars (or more) at fundraisers in Mar A Lago!! It definitely can feel overwhelming to know we’re up against some of the most powerful people in the country, but remember what happened in the story of David and Goliath. We are David, and if we support each other, I know we will come out ahead. Talk soon, Matthew Diemer P.S—Hey, {{FirstName or 'Friend'}}, I just want to say that I feel lucky to have the honor of sharing the stories of proud, local Ohioans, and I truly hope you’ll consider supporting their causes and businesses. However, I want to do more than signal boost: I want to effect real, systemic change that creates a welcoming and healthy environment for entrepreneurial growth and stable manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. I want everyone to feel included and empowered. It’s the work I’ve already begun, and it will grow exponentially once I’m able to effect results from Congress. That’s what I plan on doing, but I can’t do it without your help. Please, consider joining our grassroots campaign against political Goliaths. Click here to make a one-time donation of $5, $30, $100. Or, even better, think about becoming a sustaining monthly member of our campaign. For $10 a month (the cost of a burger), you would be voting with your dollars to say that you support a local candidate who will give his all for local causes. Thank you for reading. Talk soon Connect with me! Facebook Twitter Instagram