• Matthew Diemer

My name is Matthew Diemer, and I am running in OH-16

Twelve years ago, I lost my son because he needed an operation that my family and I couldn’t afford. Years later, my sister was violently murdered. And this past year, my brother was one of the millions of hardworking Americans who lost their job in the wake of the pandemic.

But I did what Ohioans do best — when we get knocked down, we get back up. We fight back, and we build again. My name is Matthew Diemer, and I am running in OH-16 to bring these same values to the halls of Congress.

I’m ready to get to work for all of our communities. And I'm asking you to join me as we build a new kind of campaign for Congress. Contribute $15 or whatever you can to help us build the future Northeast Ohioans deserve >>>

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand just how vital job opportunities are to Northeast Ohio. We have a chance to bring back manufacturing jobs and emerge from our economic hardships.

But here's the problem — Washington politicians are more concerned with scoring political points than bringing jobs and industries to our state.

Even worse, Donald Trump and dark money donors are working to ensure the most extreme, partisan candidates win. They helped their hand-chosen candidate —Max Miller— raise $500,000 in his first month of the campaign. That's why we need your help to even the playing field.

I’m running for Congress to fight for all Northeast Ohioans, regardless of party or

who the President is, and I need your help to get there. Rush $15 to help me bring real change to OH-16 >>>

Ultimately you will get to decide who represents our district. So, who do you prefer? Someone who flies to an upscale resort to rub elbows with elite donors who contribute buckets of money to push their agenda. OR a candidate, like me, that calls his friends to help, organizes with family, turns an extra room in his house into a campaign office, rolls up his sleeves, and gets to work.

This is the work ethic my dad taught me. He rode his bike in the winter because my mom needed the car for their three kids. It wasn’t easy, but they fought hard to give me a good life. And I want to go to Congress to continue that fight for all of our families.

Northeast Ohio deserves a leader who’s laser-focused on the real issues — good-paying jobs, fighting for healthcare affordability, and creating economic opportunities for every family. It’s everything Washington politicians promise but fail to deliver.

It’s time we change that. It’s time to elect somebody who is one of us — somebody who’s walked in your shoes and experienced the everyday struggles our communities face. Are you ready to join the fight to bring real change to Washington? Chip in $15 or whatever you can today and help me get it done >>>

Thanks for your support,

Matthew Diemer