• Matthew Diemer

Manufacturing is a Lifesaver

It’s hump day! How has your week been so far?

Mine’s been good, but I am hoping to get some more donations in by the end of July. It’s the first month of our new quarter, and if me and my supporters come in strong, we can show the political establishment that we mean business, and that I’m a viable candidate in this race.

Would you consider pitching in?

Speaking of pitching in, today I want to go into a little more detail about American manufacturing-- why our vibrant, growing industrial heartland morphed into a Rust Belt, and how I believe we can (and must) shake off the rust and move forward together. It’s time to REALLY work on a #futureproof Ohio, but it will only work if everyone pitches in.

That’s how we used to do it, and that’s the only way we’re going to move forward, and restore our American heartland to its former glory.

See, American manufacturing was foundational to the building and growth of our country. And after WWII, American manufacturing exploded, helping to build out and stabilize the middle class.

Unfortunately, the people who made American manufacturing so great weren’t protected by our politicians. All normal citizens could do was stand by and watch, as millions of our manufacturing jobs were handed to countries with lower wages. Corporations only cared about their bottom line, and the politicians they bought and paid for only cared about their bottom line.

It left Americans struggling, disappointed, and disillusioned, and it STILL hasn’t been fixed, despite politicians who have paid lip service to the problem over the years.

Trump toured our heartland and promised revitalization, but instead, he only sowed division, much like he’s doing now on his “revenge tour,” kicked off right here in Northeast Ohio, where he butted in and has shoved one of his cronies into my congressional race.

If you have a lot of time, check out this incredibly-well researched (but long) report about the future possibilities of American manufacturing, and how Trump neglected the sector during his presidency:

I know that most people are too busy to jump into the weeds of a long article like that, so let me give you the overview. (Making complicated things simple has been my business for years now-- I just love it!)

Basically, although Trump and his cronies promised an end to off-shoring of jobs, it continued in force under his administration. They would make big pronouncements about foreign investment into America that never materialized. Jobs and factories disappeared, and the uncontrolled response to the pandemic made everything so much worse.

Long story short, throughout his presidency and especially during the pandemic, his rich friends got richer, while normal people suffered.

The neighborhood I grew up in, Slavic Village, suffered so much that many community members thought that society itself was unraveling.

If politicians were protecting their constituents, instead of corporate interests, it wouldn’t have happened like that.

If Northeast Ohio had been able to hold onto stable manufacturing jobs that were recklessly off-shored, it wouldn’t have happened like that.

It didn’t have to be that way, and there’s no reason to give up on American manufacturing now.

In fact, there is EVERY reason to fight for a return of manufacturing, to stabilize our communities and our country.

I have a lot of faith in my community in Northeast Ohio. I know that if we’re given a chance, we can build incredible things.

I am fighting for our chance. I am fighting for our livelihoods. I am fighting for our lives.

Will you join our fight? Will you vote with your dollars, to tell the political establishment that you want to see a pro-business Democrat representing Northeast Ohio, and not a Trump crony?

Every dollar counts, and I can’t tell you how much each and every donation means to me, my campaign, and to the political establishment, who need to be shown that grassroots campaigns still work in this country.

Talk soon.


Matthew Diemer

P.S-- July is the first month in the quarter, and a great time to set the tone for our next filing. If we come in with a strong push of donations, we will have the resources to continue this battle.

It’s going to be hard to fight against one of Trump’s hand-picked candidates, but I am more than ready for it-- are you?

Click here now if you’d like to join our movement to flip this seat blue.

Thank you for reading.