• Matthew Diemer

Let's Shoot For The Moon!

Now, are you ready to go to the moon?

Let’s do it!

The history of our space program is awesome-- and it goes back for over a century!

See, in 1915, a Democrat and a Republican came together to introduce bills to create America’s first aerospace program. It was endorsed by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin D. Roosevelt (now that’s a man who knew the importance of jobs!!) and was signed by president Woodrow Wilson.

Thus, NACA was born.

Not a typo! The first organization to get America involved in the space race was called the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics-- made up of 12 unpaid people with a budget of $5,000 a year.

And just like any small American business with innovation on its mind and determination in its heart, those 12 people were determined to grow. And grow they did! Until their organization became the cornerstone of our modern NASA.

They’ve brought us to the moon, and beyond, and have revolutionized more technologies than I could name. For the fascinating and important history of women in space-- check out the International Women’s Air and Space Museum, the best-kept secret in Northeast Ohio!!

I talked a little bit about them in my blog post here, which also has a link to the podcast episode I did with Sara Fisher, the museum’s director:

Now what does NASA have to do with manufacturing, the second pillar of my campaign and my focus this week?

Well, why don’t you ask the folks who work at the Michoud Assembly Factory-- a manufacturing complex owned by NASA, and located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is one of the biggest manufacturing plants in the world, and it’s located right here in the USA.

I bring this up, because when I hear people lamenting American manufacturing, I hear them saying stuff like, “it will never come back,” and from people who think I’m crazy to make it one of the pillars of my campaign, because it’s “too late for American manufacturing.”

But there are some people who would prefer asking questions and finding solutions, instead of just making doomsday prophecies. I’m one of them, and if you’re reading this, I believe you are too.

I know for a fact that American manufacturing has a future, because facilities like the Michoud Assembly Facility prove that American manufacturing has actually been here all along.

It’s going to be my mission as a congressman to bring sustainable and sustaining manufacturing back to Northeast Ohio.

I don’t want to see any more articles like this:

If Northeast Ohioans have someone like me fighting for them, they will have a representative who knows life’s struggles, and who knows the value of an honest day’s work. They will have a fighter in congress who believes in a #futureproof Ohio, and a #futureproof America, and is determined to make it happen.

We need a return to our core values-- of innovation, building things, and collaboration.

That’s why my three campaign pillars are entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and peacemaking.

THOSE values are what make America great.

They’re the values that brought us to the moon 52 years ago this month, and they are the values that will bring all Americans into a brighter, better tomorrow.

Will you support my drive to restore glory to American manufacturing? Every donation makes a HUGE difference, and my grassroots campaign is counting on people like you, FRIEND. Without you, none of this is possible.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you a little more about American manufacturing, and why I truly believe that extraordinary feats are within our grasp, if we reach out instead of shutting down.

Do you have any stories about how manufacturing has affected your life? Reply to this email, or reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

Talk soon.


Matthew Diemer

P.S-- July is the first month in the quarter, and a great time to set the tone for our next filing. If we come in with a strong push of donations, we will have the resources to continue this battle.

It’s going to be hard to fight against one of Trump’s hand-picked candidates, but I am more than ready for it-- are you?

Click here now if you’d like to join our movement to flip this seat blue.

Thank you for reading.