• Matthew Diemer

Is Your Money Burning?


Whether in the grocery stores or at the pumps, we’ve all been seeing it.

Right now I’m not going to go into whether there have been specific fiscal decisions that caused the predicament.

I’d rather talk about how it’s hurting the American people. To reach a good enough solution, we need to know the stakes. If you agree with that sentiment would you consider donating today?


Inflation is an issue that affects everyone’s lives, but some more than others. Where it is especially evident is in the lives of people with relatively low wages. If your wage has not increased by at least 6.2% since this time last year, you’re already losing money.

The Federal Reserve generally recommends and tries to enforce policy which checks inflation at 2%.

The circumstances that have caused inflation to rise beyond that suggested figure are numerous. But let’s forget them for a second, and try to consider how it’s affecting us in the short term.

It’s nipping at the heels of some Americans and has already overtaken many more at a rate of up to 7.9%. Understandably, people are pissed.

Consider donating today to help put out the fire.

The political establishment doesn’t want to acknowledge the realities of the situation, because that can make it worse. If the Federal Reserve were to come out and say “Yes, inflation is very bad right now, and it’s not going to get any better soon.” then it would cause economic chaos.

Our economy is founded on growth. If people are scared that the money they already have is losing its value, they’re not going to try and use it. To admit that inflation is very bad and not getting any better is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because inflation drivers are built with the assumption of growth.

As much as inflation hurts everybody, it certainly does not hurt lawmakers as much as the average American. They’re not immune, but they’re certainly not feeling the heat.

It’s time for Congress to come to its senses and start implementing policy which acknowledges the realities people have to live with every day. There’s no burying your head in the sand and letting this problem sort itself out.

As I said before, people are pissed. Next month I foresee a lot more anger spilling over politicians because of the imminent debt-ceiling issue.

It’s a big problem, and one congressperson cannot possibly hope to fix an entire country’s financial problems, but with your support I hope to put in the effort.


This is not an issue that should be divided along party lines. People are hurting and we need near-term solutions to alleviate that pain. Congress must be made to know that their actions have strong effects on the lives of average Americans.