• Matthew Diemer

In Offense of Billionaires

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Have you heard of the “Music Man”?

He’s my opponent in this race.

Have you considered donating? This cause is so vital to stopping the tide of radical Republicans from getting a foothold in Congress.


It speaks a lot to the current problems in the GOP that they’re fielding this candidate. He tries as much as possible to be a carbon copy of our ex-president.

He’ll keep on trying as well, because Trump’s endorsement means so much to his campaign.

There’s been a general trend for the previous four years towards radical agenda and action on the part of the Republican party. Trump was elected because he promised “change.”

What we got was insanity, and the GOP seems determined to keep it going.

Max Miller is a proponent of billionaires, parroting Trump and seeking to pass off radical Republican policy as normal.

Besides four terrible years, Trump was also notable for being the first Billionaire (with a ‘B’) president.

Can you guess who the next richest president was?

George Washington.

That’s right, our First President was also the richest president (adjusted for inflation). Up until Trump.

So what can we expect if Trump’s showtune player goes to congress? He’ll do whatever Trump would do, which is promoting policy that privileges billionaires over the middle-class.

That’s exactly what we DON’T need today. We need representation which will put lower and middle-income people ahead of billionaires.

Wealth inequality is perpetuated by opportunity inequality. I want policy that makes it possible for anyone who is hard-working to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Please consider contributing to the cause of SHRINKING income inequality, and preventing billionaire-backed radicals from misrepresenting Ohio.


Our politics and economy become more and more divergent every day, being torn in two directions. I want to find a middle ground, and bring us all back to the table. I want to see rationality make a come-back.