• Matthew Diemer

How Candidates Win, and Locals Lose

I’ve been getting a lot of support these last couple of weeks in the wake of the last election. It’s been so great to get feedback from a variety of people, even people who never thought they’d support a Democrat candidate.

It goes to show that they don’t think of themselves as supporting a Democrat, but supporting the most rational choice. We need American politics to stop being about divisions and start being about finding good solutions to the problems all Americans are facing.

If you support my cause to find those solutions, would you consider donating today? A donation from you today will ensure that we can launch new initiatives by the end of this week to reach more people who want a better way forward for Ohio and America.


Now it’s no secret that I’ve been running well before the Ohio government has decided upon Congressional redistricting. What this means is that I’ve been running because I want Ohio to be represented in the way that it deserves, and my opponent sure as hell isn’t waiting for lines to be drawn to start running.

In fact, my opponent has the blessing of a certain radical ex-president, so now he’s only seeking the blessing of average Ohioans. Unfortunately for him they’re not buying into his radical agenda. Ohio needs and wants rational representatives who solve problems instead of creating them.

Despite being surrounded, I’m sure I’ll beat the odds. Can you help our cause?

The line problem is more serious than this though. For as long as these lines are delayed from being drawn, it completely disadvantages regular Americans from supporting candidates they can believe in.

The candidates who are running with the blessing of the major political machines, or worse, with the blessing of big corporations with bad agendas, have no problem at all with these lines being delayed from being set.

In fact, it is to their direct advantage that these lines be delayed for as long as possible so that their prospective opponent (i.e. me) cannot garner the necessary support between when the lines are drawn and election day.

The system is so ludicrous that it has called into question massive speculation how fair it actually is and what can be done to amend it to be reasonable for Ohioans.

Even with everything set against me, I’m confident that I can win this election, and with good reason.

This last election shows that the candidates with messages similar to my own won handily, and candidates with messages like that of my opponent--were sorely defeated.

I can also tell you that I’ve been receiving so much support from people who never thought they’d lend it. They stuck to their party through thick and thin--until January 6th, which called into question whether they could align themselves with a party that totally dismissed an attack on our democracy.

So I’m confident, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pissed off.

And not even on my own behalf, but on the behalf of average Americans who are being taken for a ride by this system. It’s a system that hurts the people’s ability to elect candidates they actually believe in, and benefits those candidates which fulfill some hidden agenda for some faceless corporation.

This system is screwed up, and we must fix it. If you’d like to help me in that mission, to ensure fair elections for everybody, please consider donating today.


I’m running because I want to inspire real change and innovation in Ohio. I see so many ways we can do that, but redistricting is something that hurts our representation before it even begins. There has to be a better way, and I’d like to find it with your help.