• Matthew Diemer

Growth Where We Need It

I’d like to keep discussing how we can create positive growth within our communities. Before that, could you donate today? My grassroots campaign benefits immensely from any kind of support you can lend.


There are endless benefits to innovative industries planting their roots in Ohio, but I’d like to focus on just a few.

Firstly, new and innovative industries--the kind that are emerging and gaining footing today--can give Ohio the chance to become #futureproof. That is so important for me, because the community I love can be the center of the technology revolution.

Will you help me to create economic growth in Northeast Ohio?

I am committed to introducing as many valuable industries to Ohio as possible. There are so many possibilities when we throw the doors open for the future. There are so many valuable innovations being developed in the world today, and Ohio can play host to those innovations.

The development of new manufacturing would also alleviate stress on the global and domestic supply chain issues everyone has been facing in part because of the pandemic. We don’t need to ship products from overseas if we can make them right here in our own Country!

And from day one, I want to cut workers in on the deal. We can guarantee living wages, good healthcare options, paid time-off, and a host of other benefits right at the beginning of any endeavor.

Any amount you can spare will help me in my mission to encourage growth where we need it.


We have a chance to create really positive growth in Ohio, and I’m so excited to explore it with you.