• Matthew Diemer

Gig Talking, Money Walking

This week, I want to talk a little bit about working in our changing world. What’s happened in the past, what’s happening now, and what I want to help make happen in the future, so the Ohio labor force is #futureproof.

And I believe on of the most pressing unresolved issue we need to address is how do American workers fit into the gig economy.

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Just like any sort of job, being a gig worker has its pluses and minuses-- on the plus side, gig workers can claim independence and flexibility. On the minus side, they often don’t have access to the same rights and benefits that regular W2 workers have.

On the plus side for employers, hiring gig workers saves them money on benefits, and allows them to fill niche roles with a worker tailored to fit it. On the minus side, gig workers are growing increasingly dissatisfied with being treated as expendable.

Either way, I believe that we have to come to terms with the fact that the gig economy is here for the long run, and we have to figure out solutions that secure rights, benefits, and dignity for gig workers, while encouraging employers to keep growing their businesses, hiring more people.

Obviously, this is a huge and thorny issue, and I’m not going to solve it outright with a couple of emails, but I want to get the conversation going with you, so that if and when I’m an Ohio Democrat in congress, I can do what’s best for my community and our country.

If you want to support my mission to give Democratic representation to a community that has been under a Republican stranglehold for decades, would you consider chipping into my campaign? Every dollar makes a huge difference-- it means more phone calls, more door knocks, more events, and more hope that a Democrat will represent our community, and keep the party majority in congress.

Thank you so much for reading. Looking forward to chatting some more about how I want to see American workers and businesses thrive.