• Matthew Diemer

Gerrymandering, Stock trading, Civil War

Last week was a critical inflection point for this race. The Supreme Court of Ohio has invalidated the General Assembly’s proposed redistricting maps because of gerrymandering. That means that candidates still do not know where they’re running.

Except me. I know that I’m running right here in Northeast Ohio, where I can do the most good for the most people. I am striving to bring revitalization to manufacturing, advocacy for small businesses, and peace to Congress. Will you join me?

It’s absolutely ridiculous that with relatively little time left to file candidates are being subjected to this kind of bureaucratic whiplash. I don’t care because I’m going to keep on fighting for the people who matter, like you, but it’s still disheartening to see a process that is supposed to make things more fair making them less fair.

Contribute $100 today to make sure that Northeast Ohio gets the representation it deserves: representation that is rational, sensible, and solution-oriented.


Whether maps are favorable or not, I’ve been running this race for months. I don’t care about the petty bureaucracy that’s being misappropriated for partisan action. I care about Ohio.

I want to support legislation that supports you. I want manufacturing revitalized, small businesses lifted up, and the petty squabbles of Congress to END. It’s time for the people in Washington to start looking after the people in America. Contribute $100 today to make that happen.

Candidates may not know where they’re running, but I know where Ohioans need help. We need help in manufacturing, we need help in infrastructure, and we need help in healthcare. Lines on a map don’t change that, but action will.

Donating $100 today can allow us to launch new initiatives next week to spread the word and knock on more doors.

Want to trade stocks? Join Congress

If you’ve ever invested, you know that knowledge is everything. The more the better, and if you just knew that stock was going down before it did, you would have sold it. Maybe if you were in Congress, you would have known.

There was a report recently published which details the ways in which members of Congress get rich on insider information. You, and every American, need to see this.

It showed that in 2021 members of Congress beat the stock market by several hundred percent, ballooning their already massive holdings to new heights.

If you contribute today, it will give us a really good chance at making sure Congress can’t profit on insider knowledge.

Do you find it fair that Congresspeople should be allowed to own and trade on the stocks of companies they might have insider information about? Let me know by reaching out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I think Congress should be held to the highest standard of trust. That trust means representatives and senators shouldn’t turn around and use special information–which only they know–to profit.

Contribute $100 today to make sure someone goes to Congress to hold them accountable.

We’re in a bad place when these headlines are running

A New Civil War in America?

Is Civil War Coming to America?

Ex-Army Generals Fear Insurrection or 'Civil War' in 2024

These are just a handful, but there are more. The sentiment seems to be widespread. That America has become irreversibly polarized. That unification at this point is a lost cause.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can choose a different–better–path forward. All it takes is to stop feeding into the hysteria. To stop spouting radicalism just to appear as opposite as you can to your opponent. If American politics is a game with two sides, they’ve both already lost.

Together, we can build bridges and solve problems. We, as a united front, can change the trajectory of American history. We can pull up from the nose dive. We can prevent the regression.

Contribute $100 today to become a Founding Donor in 2022.

I can bring innovative solutions to the divisive problems Congress faces. But not without your help.


$200,000,000 violation = $200 fine

During the same period when millions of Americans were struggling with the financial ramifications of the pandemic, members of Congress were getting richer. How can we trust in officials who can use their insider information to enrich themselves?

There are Congressional ethics officials, but you can’t effectively police someone when your incentives are aligned to look the other way. Over 50 members of Congress violated the STOCK act designed to provide transparency to the American people. Typical fine? $200.

$200 for failing to report on hundreds of millions of dollars in trades. That’s less than a drop in the bucket, more like a single molecule.

But $200 would mean so much to this campaign and to our chances of bringing rational reform to Congress.

Members of Congress simply should not be allowed to own individual stocks. There are still so many ways in which they can participate in the economy and create value for themselves and others, all while depriving them of the ability to abuse their positions.


Trading on insider knowledge can also only lead to one thing: affecting policy for profit. We need to realign the incentives in Congress, and with your help we can do that.