• Matthew Diemer

Free Healthcare, How Much Will It Cost?

I just want to take a second and say thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. Your contributions are fueling critical outreach and initiatives to help our cause succeed.

Can you lend a hand? $5, $10, $20, $300? It doesn’t matter how much just as long as you’re contributing to a cause you believe in. Do you believe in ours?

Now let’s continue with healthcare. Yesterday I went over what I see as the most practical solution to the current unbound prices of basic health services, in the form of government competition to drive down the price of private insurers.

It’s a way of regulating private insurance without actually regulating it. In pretty much the only way the market responds naturally, by offering the same or better product (in this case health services) for a lower (i.e. reasonable) price.

But there’s a reason people from around the world still flock to the USA for health services. It’s because we’re at the forefront of so many technologies and innovative treatments.

It’s that innovation and new technology that makes the healthcare industry so huge, but it should not adversely affect the average American by pricing them out. It’s so important to strike a balance here, where on the one side we have huge costs for developing new healthcare technologies, and on the other we have what should simply be affordable: checkups, vaccines, casts, and some emergencies.

Did you know that it costs almost a billion dollars to bring just one drug to market?,counting%20expenditures%20on%20failed%20trials.

When you take your medication, do you think of the pill as costing that much? I sure don’t! And that’s because our modern healthcare system alleviates some, (but not nearly enough), of the cost to the patient for any given medication. To recoup the kind of costs it takes to bring medications to market, pharmaceutical companies do need to make a profit, but it should be possible for them to innovate and create new treatments without laying the burden on Americans.

I see phase 2 of Medicaid as proceeding with much broader coverage, so that private insurance companies will be pressured to sell reasonably priced policies, and include in all plans something that should be free with medicaid: a family doctor and 2 free checkups per year. This kind of thing should pay for itself, since preventative measures will so often prevent the more expensive treatment from being needed down the line.

If you think that this seems like the best option moving forward, I wonder if you could send in some money to help reach our goal.


Health is most often talked about as the most important aspect of life. It should be guaranteed for all Americans.