• Matthew Diemer

EOQs & Keeping Congress Blue

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Today, I’m talking about why the EOQ (end of quarter) deadline is so important for a grassroots campaign like mine. I feel like I always see big EOQ advertisements that just assume that regular people have the same EOQ worries that us aspiring politicians do. I want to explain exactly why you’re getting so many calls to donate right now, at the end of June. See, the EOQ deadline means the end of this quarter, just 2 days away. After the quarter closes, the FEC then tallies and releases information about how much campaigns are fundraising and spending. It’s one of the most important, if not the most important way that the political establishment decides who is and who isn’t a viable candidate. If the political establishment sees poor performance on an EOQ filing, they can kill a campaign with the snap of their fingers, no matter how much momentum it has gained. Here’s a good article talking about the EOQ deadline at the end of 2015, in the context of the extremely crowded Democratic presidential hopeful field: (Side note-- Doesn't this story remind you of how innocent we all were in 2015? Goes to show that we need to stay AHEAD and we need to work TOGETHER if we don't want to fall behind.) So why is this EOQ deadline so important for me, a congressional hopeful from Northeast Ohio? Why should anyone want to show their support? Especially when my potential election is over a year away? Well, for one thing, the Republicans are wasting no time. Trump has officially endorsed Max Miller, his former aide, at a rally where they all perpetuated their stories about voter fraud and a stolen election in front of thousands of fans. And if you don’t think those lies are dangerous, keep in mind that there are real, everyday Republicans who committed a violent assault on our Capitol because of those lies, and there is a small but growing movement of people who truly believe that Trump will regain the office of the presidency in August of this year. Could that possibly occur? Could it possibly occur without further irreversible damage to our nation? Of course not! But it doesn't stop these people from believing it. And his tour of revenge rallies is not the only way that Trump is wielding his power. He’s been throwing fundraisers at Mar a Lago, and playing mind games with his own party, to make sure that HE is the one in power when it’s all said and done. Check out this article here: With the rallies, and the fundraising, and the giant political machine that’s propping up Max Miller’s campaign, do I stand a chance? I truly believe I do. Why? Because I believe there are thousands upon thousands of Northeast Ohioans out there who want someone to fight for them, not for Trump’s agenda. I believe that there are people out there who are tired of seeing the Republican party tear themselves apart over petty revenge schemes, and are ready for a fresh perspective. I believe that there are millions of people out there who want to keep the House blue, and possibly make it even bluer. I believe America is ready for more politicians who want to build our future together, rather than destroy it. And when you add it all up, I believe there is an extremely strong case for Matthew Diemer for Congress. It’s why I’m running. It’s why I’m writing this blog right now. Because I haven’t had a giant, unstoppable machine behind me, I have to admit that I’m running behind Max Miller in terms of dollars, donations, and national recognition. But I believe in the power of the people to help me catch up. If you can’t afford to donate, consider forwarding this blog post, spreading the word on Twitter or on Facebook. Word-of-mouth helps more than I can even say. (Is that an oxymoron?? 😂) There are even some Democrats out there donating to a Republican candidate because Trump's antics have so overshadowed my campaign:

If you can’t afford to donate much, donate $1 or $3. If you can donate more, please, PLEASE help me invest in a #futureproof Northeast Ohio, and a Blue House. $5, $50, $100 -- every penny fights for a better House of Representatives. I believe we can do it, but only if we come together. Once again, please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or stories for me. I am doing this for you and I am accountable to YOU. Talk soon, Matthew Diemer P.S.-- Even though we're trying hard to raise as much as possible for the famous EOQ, monthly donations are our lifeblood. They are what will sustain us through a long election and a hard fight against people with MASSIVE political and corporate resources behind them. $10, $20, $50 a month (the cost of some delicious takeout) shows the political establishment that we want builders and makers in Congress, not career politicians and a bunch of lawyers (more on that later). To learn more about the pillars of my campaign, who I am, and why I'm running, click around and check out the rest of my website. Thanks for reading!

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