• Matthew Diemer

EOQs, FAQs, and Becoming #futureproof

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

In case you missed it, yesterday, I emailed you talking a little bit about why our upcoming EOQ deadline (TOMORROW) is so important, and why I need help with donations from everyday people like you.

You can read about that on the blog, here:

I got some great responses, so get ready to hear more about how you all are thinking about campaigns, politics, and the way we run our country. I got a lot of great insights that I can’t wait to share.

I also got some responses from folks who weren’t sure who I am, or what I stand for, so allow me to reintroduce myself.

I am Matthew Diemer, and I am a Democrat running for Congress in the 2022 midterm election.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

2022?? Why are you campaigning NOW for an election that is over a year away?

Long story short, the Republicans are already building this election into one of the most important ones on their agenda. Trump had his first post-presidential rally here in NEO to endorse Max Miller, a former aide of his. They have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in Mar a Lago, and they don’t show any signs of losing momentum. They’re starting now, so I’m starting now. I’m a big believer in staying ahead, so you don’t fall behind.

What’s going on with your district?

Ohio is getting redistricted, and it is our sincere hope that the new lines will mean better representation, and less Republican-leaning gerrymandering. I want to go more in depth about what this means for us in Northeast Ohio, but until I do, let me say this: no matter where the lines get redrawn, I grew up in this district, I am enmeshed in Northeast Ohio politics, and I will represent the wants and will of the people in my district, my state, and America.

What is your political background?


I am an entrepreneur who has spent the first 4 decades of my life following non-traditional paths in education and career-building. I have been a dishwasher, a chef, an operations manager, an MBA student, and more. Right now, I am an entrepreneur and investor, who is ready to invest in the place that gave me my start in life, my home that gave me the grit and the values that I’ve needed to make it successful.

I believe we need less Ivy-educated lawyers in congress, and more people like me, who know the struggles of everyday people, and know how to move past those struggles into lives of security, comfort, and dignity.

BTW-- did you know even though lawyers only account for 0.36% of our total population in America, that almost 60% of our current congress is lawyers?! How’s THAT for representation?!

I am a builder and a doer, and my success is due to hard work and the values that growing up in NEO instilled in me. I want to pay it forward, and help build Ohio through the 3 pillars of my campaign: boosting entrepreneurship, orchestrating an Ohio manufacturing revolution, and being a peacemaker who takes everyone’s needs into account.

What are you doing now?

RIght now, I’m running for Congress, and making my living working as a podcaster in the cryptocurrency space.

I know that when some people hear crypto, they think of the Dark Web and weird scams.

But I hope as you give me the chance to tell you more about me, you’ll also learn more about the incredible and even life-saving power that cryptocurrency has, the inevitability of its importance in our future, and how our government should approach it in a way that is equitable and forward thinking. It’s an endlessly fascinating subject, that also happens to be critical to the future of humanity.

I’ll be talking more about it in future emails. I built a business on explaining cryptocurrency to beginners, so I believe I can help you learn about it, if you want to.

Why are you running for Congress?

Like many Ohioans, my life has been marked by triumph and tragedy. I’ve experienced devastating loss, watched my family go through hell, and have seen firsthand the importance of human resilience and hope.

I watched, along with millions of other Americans, the violent insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

I heard people say that it was the end of America as we knew it.

I heard people say that our republic would never recover.

I heard people say that our division ran so deep, that it was irreversible.

I hated to hear that. I’m someone who has made a practice of fighting back, strengthening my resilience, and never losing hope, and I owe that mindset to being a Northeast Ohioan, and a citizen of the greatest country in the world.

Everything I have, I owe to my country.

So when January 6th scared so many people (including myself), I decided not to take it lying down. I decided to do what Ohioans do-- I got back up, and decided to run for congress.

I want people to have access to opportunities that give them a chance to springboard into better lives.

I want to make Ohio #futureproof.

I want to show my fellow Americans that we can make progress without letting fear, violence, or petty, unproductive agendas rule the day.

That’s why I’m running for Congress-- for you, and for our future.

I want you to get to know me, so please, email me at, or find me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Ask me ANYTHING, and I will give you an honest answer. I want my campaign to be run on accountability and transparency. It’s the way I’ve always operated, and the way I will continue to operate.

But since I am a relatively unknown quantity in the world of career politicians and establishment party politics, I need to have a strong showing for this quarter. I need to be able to put together an EOQ filing that speaks to my grassroots support, and my viability as a candidate.

I need donations to run my campaign, to keep building our momentum and spreading the word.

The stronger my filing, the harder I'll be able to fight.

If you’re starting to understand who I am and why the EOQ deadline is so damn important, please, consider making a donation. I need your help to show the political establishment that you believe people like me (and you) belong in congress. We need to show them that we are paying attention, and that we won’t be caught off-guard in the midterms.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Matthew Diemer

P.S: Getting big numbers for our EOQ deadline is crucially important. Even just $1 one-time donations from 1,000 individual donors makes a big statement about the power of grassroots campaigns to get our kinds of candidates into congress.

But another great indicator to the establishment that grassroots campaigns work, and that I am a viable candidate, is our amount of monthly donations.

Monthly donations are our lifeblood, sustaining us throughout this epic battle. Please, if you can, consider making a donation of $20, $50, or $100 monthly, to help our investment in a better Ohio and a Blue Congress.