• Matthew Diemer

Drawing, Drawing, Redrawing Our Lines

We’re talking about everyone’s favorite topic today-- redistricting!

Even though the midterm elections are more than a year away, building momentum in certain races is all-important. I’ve told you before that some people in the Democratic party look at Ohio and give it up for red.

But I truly believe with the new lines being drawn, we have a shot of being representative of who Ohio truly is, and can send a Democrat to Washington to represent us.

As the only Democrat who has declared candidacy, and who has been working hard every single day for months to spread the word and fundraise for my campaign, I am ready to keep fighting, no matter how many people from within or without my party say it’s impossible.

I’m confident that there are people like you out there, who prefer a representative who knows what it’s like to start from the bottom when it comes to career and education, and who wants to fight with his life to make opportunities available to every Ohioan.

But we’ve got to be in it together.

As an outsider candidate, my campaign is totally reliant on everyday people like you showing your support in any way possible.

Could you pitch in $5, $50, even $100?

Thank you for reading, and for your continuing support. I couldn’t be doing this without you.