• Matthew Diemer

Do You Think Corporations are People?

Like I’ve said before, the election I’m running in is a marathon.

My two opponents are, frankly, way ahead of me in terms of funding. The Republican incumbent has the machinery of the Republican party behind him, and the Republican challenger hand-picked by Trump, enjoying all of the resources that the former president can give him.

But I have something way better-- I have everyday people like you.

Would you consider helping to grow my movement by making a donation today?


While we’re on the topic of elections and $$$, I want to chat for a minute about Citizens United, the landmark Supreme Court case that allowed a flood of corporate and special interest money into our elections.

This case is precisely why the cost of our elections has absolutely skyrocketed in the past decade, and I believe it’s a big part of why our elections and politics have gotten exponentially uglier.

Here’s what President Obama had to say about it at the time:

Unfortunately, he was not able to do much about the flood of dark money distorting our electoral politics.

And studies have shown that the Citizens United ruling disproportionally advantages Republican candidates:

But it doesn’t mean that we have to give up. If we maintain and increase the Democratic majority in Congress, then we could start to make real progress in Washington.

That’s why I’m running, and that’s why I’m fighting so hard to keep this campaign going.

And that’s why I’m asking regular people like you to donate to my campaign. As the only declared Democrat and the only true outsider in this race, I am the only candidate running a true grassroots campaign.

And my campaign only works if YOU want it to.

Any amount that you pitch in helps me access resources that will get my name in front of more people in my community, and to show the people that they don’t need to pick between bad and worse Republican candidates-- there is a Democrat who is ready, willing, and eager to represent Northeast Ohio.