• Matthew Diemer

Dangerous Game, Dire Consequences

What if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised? What if it’s not raised or suspended come December?

Most importantly, who will it hurt?

Politicians? No. Billionaires? Definitely not. Middle and working class people? Unfortunately, yes.

If the government hit the debt ceiling, it would not be capable of paying back all that it owes. That means government salaries, social security, and more.

It would have cascading effects on the global economy. We would see massive hikes in interest in all sectors, from credit cards to mortgages to car loans.

The simple inability for our senators to work together would result in an economic calamity.

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They’re so careless with the fate of our economy because they could weather the storm. I don’t know if I could weather it so easily.

How much higher an interest on your home loans could you live with? 5, 10, 20%? And that’s just home loans. What if it all went up at the same time?

I fear for middle and working-class Americans when our leaders treat politics like a zero-sum game.

We can all win, and we can all benefit, if and when we work together. Can you work with me? Your donation would be really helpful for our cause.


I want to go to Washington to make us heard, to make sure that our voices aren’t drowned out by the rising tide of radicalism. Average Americans are not going to step aside and let radical leaders steer our country in the wrong direction.

Let’s get back in the driver’s seat.