• Matthew Diemer

Crossing the Line

This week, we’re chatting about gerrymandering and redistricting.

In an ideal society, we wouldn’t be having these discussions. Our maps would be equitable and based on data, rather than built to bolster one party’s support.

Unfortunately, our political system was built on division and thrives on division as it currently stands, and drastic gerrymandering is a part of our reality.

This article is behind a paywall, but it basically describes a few of the different districts that are being redrawn, and how differently they will turn out, depending on whether Republicans or Democrats will redraw the maps.

The bad news is that Republicans will be controlling a lot of highly populated districts, and they will do their darnedest to make sure that they will keep and gain seats in congress, to the detriment of actual representation.

The good news is that there are some Democrats in charge of redistricting, who will be undoing the ridiculous, partisan lines that Republicans drew years ago, restoring representation to historically underserved communities.

And I’m the only Democrat who has declared candidacy in one of those districts, right here in Northeast Ohio.

Democrats will need to be strategic, and funnel resources towards people who are actually putting in the daily work to fight for a blue congress in 2022.

Will you support my campaign to turn this seat blue?


Or spread the word-- talk to your friends and family about redistricting, and how important these midterm elections will be for the future of our country.

Thanks, and talk soon.