• Matthew Diemer

COUNTDOWN: 5 Days Until Trump's First Post-Presidential Rally

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Donald Trump is going to have his first post-presidential rally this week. And he’s having it right here in Northeast Ohio. I want to talk about that for a second. During our presidential election cycles, and now, even during our local campaigns, there’s so much national focus on urban vs. rural, white collar vs. blue collar, coastal vs. inland, white vs. black, left vs. right. The media tends to focus on our biggest differences, to generate the biggest controversies, to get the most clicks or subscriptions or attention. It’s a good way to make money, but it’s not a good way to live. I believe that people are tired of being talked down to, outraged, and vilified. The fact of the matter is, I truly believe that if you sit any two people in America down, you could get them to agree, 90% of the time. The story in our current climate is that political and cultural division is rampant, increasing, and irreversible. As an entrepreneur who’s running for congress as a Democrat, whose father is a pastor and whose mother is a Republican Trump-voter, I think that’s a bunch of BS. Sure, we have our differences, but what we have in common is so much more abundant and so much more important. And I believe that people like me and you, understand that, and want our government to reflect our commonalities, not our differences. In the spirit of coming together, during a week where some people will do nothing but try to exploit our differences, I’m going to highlight a local Northeast Ohio cause and a local Northeast Ohio business every day this week. Let’s come together to learn about and support these amazing Ohioans and their amazing accomplishments. Let’s come together to be a united force for good. I want Ohio to become #futureproof, and the first step is to realize that there is so much more that brings us together than pulls us apart. Since I’ve already done a bunch of talking, I’m going to share a two-for-one today: a cause-driven business. SPOTLIGHT ON: ✨🔆💡 The International Women’s Air and Space Museum💡🔆 ✨

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum is “the best-kept secret in Northern Ohio,” and I want to help make sure it’s not a secret anymore. It’s an amazing institution dedicated to telling the stories of women in the Air and Space communities around the world—from the all-female group of Russian pilots, to the incredible story of Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space. In this podcast episode, I had the fortune of picking the brain of Sara Fisher, the museum’s executive director. She shared her background, her fascination with history, and why telling these stories is so important. Pop it on while you drive to work or walk your dog—I bet you’ll learn something—I know I did! Here’s the podcast link: Here’s the museum’s website (be sure to check out their brand-new virtual programs, for anyone around the world!: I know it can feel overwhelming to know we’re up against some of the most powerful people in the country, but remember what happened in the story of David and Goliath. We are David, and if we support each other, I know we will come out ahead. If you like the idea of a unified, #futureproof Ohio, please show your support by donating to my campaign. Thanks for reading, Matthew Diemer P.S—I feel lucky to have the honor of sharing the stories of proud, local Ohioans, and I truly hope you’ll consider supporting their causes and businesses. However, I want to do more than signal boost: I want to effect real, systemic change that creates a welcoming and healthy environment for entrepreneurial growth and stable manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. I want everyone to feel included and empowered. It’s the work I’ve already begun, and it will grow exponentially once I’m able to effect results from Congress. That’s what I plan on doing, but I can’t do it without your help. Please, consider joining our grassroots campaign against political Goliaths. Click here to make a one-time donation of $5, $30, $100 . Or, even better, think about becoming a sustaining monthly member of our campaign. For $10 a month (the cost of a burger), you would be voting with your dollars to say that you support a local candidate who will give his all for local people. Thank you for reading. Talk soon.

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