• Matthew Diemer

Coming Down to Earth

Yesterday we talked about going to the moon…

The hope, the courage, the audacity of that dream, and how Americans of all stripes came together to make it happen.

Today, we’re coming back down to Earth, and finding out why we’ve stayed down here, and haven’t returned to our bold lunar dreams.

Here’s a great article that goes over it in detail:

But long story short, there’s one big reason.

And it has to do with the third pillar of my campaign.

Can you guess?

It’s because our politicians can’t figure out how to get along well enough to agree on any major steps toward American progress and greatness.

Every fight they have is a partisan fight.

Every American issue has become a partisan issue.

We saw that even something so simple as wearing masks… during a pandemic… became a red state/blue state issue.

How did we come this far?

Well, there are many reasons. (Billions of dollars’ worth of reasons.)

Our divide generates a lot of money for a lot of people.

Newspapers, digital outlets, TV pundits (and entire channels), lobbyists, corporate interests, career politicians, basically every single person in the political ecosystem is getting paid in dollars that are almost singularly generated by outrage.

It’s been bad, and it’s only getting worse.

It’s become such that even questions of basic personal safety have become political statements, rather than common-sense steps for protection.

Do I think that Republicans and Democrats disagree about everything?

Do I think it’s too late for us to come together on anything?

Do I think it’s impossible to turn the tide?

No, no, and definitely not. If I didn’t truly believe that we can return to a UNITED States of America, then I wouldn’t be running for congress, because I believe that only UNITED will we be able to make the extraordinary American progress that has made us the best country on Earth.

That’s why being a peacemaker is the third pillar of my campaign, and why it’s so important to me.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you exactly WHY I believe I’m uniquely qualified to be a peacemaker in a climate that’s never been so divided, and HOW I intend to bring peace and progress to Washington.

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