• Matthew Diemer

Big Millenium for Small Business

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog about the 3 things that all small businesses need to succeed. If you missed it, catch up here: Today, I want to tell you about someone I know who has been working hard to build her own business-- my campaign designer, Gaby Bush. She’s not your typical designer-- she’s a teenager who has leveraged her love of art, multiple educational opportunities and determination to build a growing business-- before she even heads to college! I believe her story is a perfect example of the 3 business essentials coming together to help one budding entrepreneur grow a business. Gaby's Story Gaby has loved art ever since she could remember. Since she was a little kid, art classes were always her favorite, and she’s been sketching from the second she could hold a pencil.

A couple of years ago, she began making digital art, and now, she’s never turned back. It’s what she uses for most of her art now, including the gorgeous cards and stickers available on her Etsy shop, and the campaign thank-you cards that I send to every donor. I love her story, because I believe it really exemplifies how hard work paired with the three business essentials can help anyone make a business.

Gaby's Etsy Shop! First, she worked hard to acquire knowhow. Not only did she practice her art all the time, she took art classes all through school, and even spent her last two years of high school attending a career-tech school for art and design in her free time. She knows that the more time you spend learning, the better you are at your craft, and she’s dedicated to becoming an even more amazing artist than she already is. When the pandemic hit, Gaby adjusted easier to quarantines than many of her peers, since she’s an introvert and she could spend hours lost in her art. But when she saw the world hurting, she decided to start using her skills to cheer people up, so in August 2020, she began making adorable illustrated greeting cards. Once she started making her cards, she started promoting them on Facebook, hoping to put smiles on faces, and hopefully start building a business. She was moving into the second essential to building business-- networking. And it worked! I’m neighbors with Gaby and her family, and when I saw the amazing work she was doing on Facebook, I knew I had to have her help with design for my campaign. And just take a look at the amazing cards she’s come up with!! There are 4 amazing options-- repeat donors get to collect them all!

Ever since last summer, Gaby’s business has been growing steadily, giving her access to the third essential: capital. Since her business has been growing, Gaby’s been able to buy her own card printing equipment, allowing her to bring her process completely in-house (just like I’m trying to do with my campaign!). Now, in addition to being an entrepreneur, Gaby’s spending her summer working in a local donut shop, where her favorite task is decorating the treats. She’d getting ready to head to college in the fall to major in graphic design, to keep on perfecting her craft. In the meantime, Gaby’s enjoying her Ohio summer-- spending time with friends and family, going to the lake, working, and making art. Maybe you could support her small, local business, and get something from her shop?

Gaby at work! I hope her story shows that given enough access to the 3 essentials of building a business, everyday Ohioans can also become entrepreneurs, paving their own paths and writing their own tickets. It’s my aim as a community member and as a congressional candidate to uplift people, and help them go from small entrepreneurs to making big moves with their businesses. Like I said yesterday, small business and entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of American innovation, and critical to helping our country move forward. Would you consider joining us, and supporting our campaign with a donation? If you have any stories about small business, would you share them with us? I’d love to keep promoting Northeast Ohioans and their businesses, so feel free to tell me your stories! Reply to this email, find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tell me what you think! Talk soon. Best, Matthew Diemer

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