• Matthew Diemer

America ÷ Politics

This week I’ve been talking about putting Country over Party. Which is odd since our political parties are supposed to be looking after our interests, right?

So why does it seem that the narratives political parties are pushing diverge from what we, the American people, want?

I’m not just talking about disagreeing with the opposing political party. I’m talking about disagreeing with your own political party. People on both sides disagree vehemently with the radicalism and “toxicity” (as Anthony Gonzalez (R.) put it) of their own political party.

It may have been building under the surface before, but there’s no doubt that Trump supercharged it. He was the most polarizing president we’ve had since the Civil War.

If you’d like to see the polarization of our politics decrease in the near future, please consider donating. I’m bringing sensible ideas to Congress for the benefit of all Ohioans, to address the problems that every one of us are facing.


Trump exploited an already present division in American politics, and widened that gap to build his base of support. The gap is so wide that radical supporters of his attacked the U.S. Capitol in an effort to keep him in office.

We need to bridge the divide, will you help me?

That radicalism will only increase if Trump’s handpicked candidate Max Miller (R.) is elected. The same kind of radicalism which caused Anthony Gonzalez to fear for his and his family’s safety.

Trump exploited a division in our politics that politicians are unfortunately still exploiting.

It’s time to stop fomenting division for votes. It’s time to find a middle path for America, and end this rising surge of radicalism. It’s time for sensibility to return to the Capitol.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I’ve been getting so many messages of support for my campaign, even from people who thought they’d never “vote democrat.”

It’s because they support small businesses.

It’s because they support bringing innovative industries to Ohio.

It’s because they support bridging the divide.

If you support these ideas, please consider donating to my campaign so that we can reach more supporters. $200, $50, $20, any amount will mean we can reach more Americans who are looking for an alternative come next election.


I don’t want to scare you, or come off like I’m just another politician stoking fear--in fact I don’t even consider myself a politician--but if Max Miller is elected, it will be an admission that Trump’s division is growing, rather than shrinking. What kind of message will that send to the rest of America?