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About My Time in China

I’ve been to China. I’ve lived there, studied there, learned the language, learned the way they do business, and most importantly I’ve met its people. I met Chinese citizens from all walks of life, from the bottom to the top of the wide gap in their society.

Shouldn’t someone designing and voting on policy that affects our foreign relations with China be intimately knowledgeable about that country? If you think so too, would you consider donating today?


I arrived in China in 2004. Back then, the country was much more open than it is today. You could access all of the major websites you can currently access in America. Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia, the list goes on. All of these websites are now completely or mostly blocked from access by the Chinese government.

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They block access to these websites because the kind of content you can find on them does not align with party interests. But back when I first arrived it didn’t matter because China was on a mission to become a globalized country.

They’ve blocked all these websites and endorsed the creation of alternatives which are much easier to control, such as WeChat, Sina Weibo, Tencent Video, and a host of other platforms which are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

A lot of people in America believe the office of the President has far too much power, but China is a dictatorship by direct comparison. Recently China passed a resolution putting the current president Xi Jinping (president for life) on par with China’s major leaders such as Mao Zedong (the party’s founder) and Deng Xiaoping (the party’s economic reformer).

We need representatives who understand the threat that China actually poses instead of simply repeating over and over again: “I’m going to be tough on China.” What does that even mean? How can you get tough on China when you don’t understand its tactics?

Our representatives should have intimate knowledge of how China operates so that we can prevent them from displacing America as the world’s #1 superpower. If you’d like to help my bid for Congress, and achieve that goal, please consider donating today.


America needs a way forward that will build its strength, so when politicians are constantly fighting, so much energy is wasted that can benefit the average citizen. We must be united if we are going to solve the problems we face, both internal and external.

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