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2 Days Left: What I DON’T want Mr. Trump to bring to Ohio

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Only a couple more days before Mr. Trump and his fans descend upon Northeast Ohio. (I would personally choose a plague of 17-year cicadas over this circus, but what can you do?) Like I’ve told you before, I am all about having conversations. I’m more than happy to talk to anyone about how to improve our district, state, and country. I think we need everyone to pitch in with their perspectives, so we have the fullest information available to create the best possible policies for everyone. There’s a reason that the three pillars of my campaign are Small Business/Entrepreneurship Manufacturing Revolution Peacemaking I don’t think that anyone could disagree that we need to focus on creating economic opportunities for Ohioans to live better lives. It’s just common sense that the more financial freedom we have, the better our quality of life. A rising tide lifts all boats. That being said, there’s something that I believe Trump and his cronies bring to the table, that is counterproductive to these goals… The division and violence they sow. They don’t just attack people who think differently from them, they also attack people who look, speak, or act differently. Trump has empowered far-right extremists, and has moved their fringe beliefs into the mainstream. As president, Trump told Democrat congresswomen that they should go back to where they came from, even though they were all American citizens (obviously) and the majority of them had been born here.

What did all of these congresswomen have in common? Well…

You may notice that US Rep Brendan Boyle is a white man. Maybe it didn’t occur to Trump to tell him to go back to where he came from, because Trump assumed that Representative Boyle belongs in America. You know who else belongs in America? Every single citizen. Whether a naturalized citizen, born here, or legally emigrated, all American citizens not only deserve equal treatment and protection under the law, they are entitled to it. I don’t care if you’re black, female, white, native, brown, male, a refugee, non-binary, some, none, or all of the above-- if you’re an American citizen, I am here to represent you, which means having conversations with you and taking your needs into account. It does NOT mean dehumanizing you based on your identity, and empowering alt-right wingnuts to feel that you are subhuman, and therefore deserving of discrimination, violence, and death. Too bad Mr. Trump and his cronies don’t agree. When the global catastrophe of COVID-19 hit America, hard, did then-president Trump encourage us to come together to fight this thing? No. He used divisive and inciting language about the “Chinese virus” and the “kung flu,” that fueled a wildfire of anti-Asian rhetoric and hate that spilled over into violence across the U.S. [These stories are paywalled (support journalism!) but they are some of the most detailed reporting about the situation. For free information, just google: "Trump china virus tweets" and prepare to be disappointed.] It’s not so long ago that American citizens were imprisoned after being stripped of their homes and every possession, just because of what they looked like or who their ancestors were. Japanese-American internment during World War II was one of the darkest moments of American history in the past century, and it was enacted via executive presidential order. That order, and the culture created by it, empowered xenophobes to create things like this:

This is absolutely disgusting and it was everywhere. I won't post it with the slur used for Japanese people. Source: Trump was bold enough during his first presidency with his “Muslim ban,” which got overturned by a judicial system that is now overrun by his hand-picked nominees. What will he do in 2024 if he’s able to retain his momentum and hand-pick a friendly congress? Well, that’s what he’s working on this very second, and that’s why I’m giving my all to be a wrench in his plans. His rally on Saturday is endorsing Max Miller, his former aide, who I believe will be loyal to Donald Trump over the wants and needs of Northeast Ohioans, and American citizens. And Mr. Trump isn’t stopping there-- this Saturday’s rally is just the first stop of his tour around the country, working to cement a pro-Trump congress in 2022. I am fighting against this with everything I have. I am fighting for a united, rational, and respectful culture. For my family, my friends, my neighbors, my community, and all of my fellow Americans, including you, whether you support me or not. We are the single greatest country in the world, and every single one of our citizens should be able to fully share in our abundance, our rights, and our pursuit of happiness. I don’t want Mr. Trump bringing ignorant, divisive, hateful, and violent rhetoric to Ohio. I don’t want him bringing it anywhere. To counteract the division that rides in the tide of Trump rallies, I’m highlighting local Northeast Ohio causes and businesses this week. I want us to come together as a community to be positive and constructive, rather than divisive and destructive. Check out the previous businesses and causes: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: And now, here are a few more amazing Ohioans that I want to share with you! First up, our cause of the day:

SPOTLIGHT ON: ✨🔆💡 Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition 💡🔆 ✨

In this episode, I got the chance to talk to the incredible Ms. Yvonka Marie Hall, MPA, Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Blach Health Coalition and the co-founder of the Cleveland Lead Safe Network. She began by treating me to a fascinating and thorough historical perspective of her life-- her unique ancestral lineage, her biography, and how they all directly inform her work. She shared how her personal tragedies have propelled her to do the incredible work she does every day. We also discussed mental health during COVID, tips for coping with seasonal depression, COVID, and stress, and how urgent the need is for resources that aim for parity in disparate communities. Ms. Hall shared the history of the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition and described the critical community outreach they do every single day. She described how important representation is for the people who do the work and the communities they serve, with empathy, reason, and historical context. I learned so much while thoroughly enjoying our conversation, and I think anyone and everyone could benefit from the rich perspectives she offers! Podcast link: To learn more about the data and statistics that underline the urgency of NEOBHC’s work, look here: Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition Website: NEOBHC on Facebook: NEOBHC on Twitter: And now, for today's business! SPOTLIGHT ON: ✨🔆💡 SALON2U 💡🔆 ✨

Let me introduce you to Breeonne (Bree) Reed, the owner of SALON2U. She told me about how she went from a student who quit her salon job to take on her own clients, to building a wildly successful business on her own. She took a courageous leap, but shared the truth of the panic she felt after saying the words “I quit,” and then the faith that she leaned on to work out how she was going to do her own thing. With her experience, knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit, she figured out how to creatively build a business that would cut costs to make as much money as possible. Bree also gave me the backstory on being a 2x cancer survivor and how it changed her perspective on life, from living it up through her first diagnosis at age 19, to the new responsibilities she had in life during the second diagnosis, like her family who depended on her. We also shared stories about the incredible power that mindset has on your health, life and business. She’s honest about how she gets in her head sometimes, but uses action to move herself and her business forward, and how she as a small business owner thinks the government could help small businesses move forward, also. Her story and how it shaped her is extraordinary, and I loved hearing how she charges through life. I even asked her to preach to anyone who thinks they can't do what she does, and she nailed it! (Sorry for that pun! 💅) I think we could all take inspiration from her, and I think hearing a story like Bree’s could change anyone’s perspective. Podcast link: SALON2U website: These women are incredibly inspiring open books who were so generous with me with their knowledge and personal experiences, and I know I benefit so much from what they taught me. I love having these conversations, and the way they inform me now, and how they will inform me as a congressman representing our community. I want my power to come from the people, not from an ex-president. While the money and power that the career politicians and ringmaster ex-presidents bring to the table can sometimes be overwhelming, I know for a fact that grassroots campaigns work. I hope you will consider joining me and supporting a local Ohio politician who will be answering ONLY to my constituents, and my fellow American citizens, and NOT powerful establishment politicians and corporate interest. If you want to invest in a movement that is about inclusion, peace, and unity for ALL American citizens, please, donate here. Also, a free and easy way to show your support is to like my page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter. I am eager to connect with you! Talk soon, Matthew Diemer P.S—I feel lucky to have the honor of sharing the stories of proud, local Ohioans, and I truly hope you’ll consider supporting their causes and businesses. However, I want to do more than signal boost: I want to effect real, enduring, systemic change that creates a welcoming and healthy environment for entrepreneurial growth and stable manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. I want everyone to feel included and empowered. It’s the work I’ve already begun, and it will grow exponentially once I’m able to effect results from Congress. That’s what I plan on doing, but I can’t do it without your help. Please, consider joining our grassroots campaign against political Goliaths. Click here to make a one-time donation of $5, $30, $100. Or, even better, think about becoming a sustaining monthly member of our campaign. For $10 a month (the cost of a burger), you would be voting with your dollars to say that you support a local candidate who will give his all for local causes. Thank you for reading. Talk soon

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