• Matthew Diemer

#1 Political Boogeyman

Politicians look for a lot of ways to “scare” up votes. They make out certain issues as deathly serious when they’re relatively benign, and ignore serious issues because they’re boring. China is the average American politician’s boogeyman, and I’d say they’re accidentally right to be scared.

China has been on a path of world dominance since economic reforms in the 1990s started boosting it towards United States parity, and beyond. It’s not necessarily that China wants to displace America, but to be #1 someone else has to be #2.

Politicians cannot direct policy in an intelligent way if they do not understand exactly what threat China poses, and the ways we can fight back against Chinese dominance. If you agree that candidates should understand how to take on China, please consider donating to my campaign today.


When I was in China I saw the great disparity of wealth there. The richest people there live with the best amenities money can buy from western nations, and the poorest still live in extremely basic housing with no plumbing or electricity.

I even remember watching how the poorest Chinese people cooked food, cooking directly on what was essentially a giant piece of coal with holes cut in it.

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Another thing to note is that the politicians of the Chinese Communist Party are the richest politicians in the world. China’s parliament has about 100 billionaires among its ranks, according to CNBC. To put it in perspective, there are about 2,700 billionaires in the whole world, and about 700 in China. So 1 out of 7 billionaires in China are party members.

Our representatives need to take smart stances against China. We need more information if we are going to affect policy that is beneficial to average Americans instead of hurting them. Trade needs to be unimpeded if we are going to compete on a global stage, and we need to draft policies which encourage domestic manufacturing.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause of a China-aware Congress, please consider donating to my campaign today.


To maintain dominance on the world stage we need to band together and stop the infighting. Too much energy is wasted arguing when it can be spent on innovative new technologies that create well-paying jobs for our citizens.

I left China because its people started to become more and more prejudiced against foreigners due to the manipulations of its controlling politicians. America’s foundation on freedom can bring us much better economic upturn if we let it.

We need to start by investing in domestic manufacturing, today. We can maintain our dominance, and innovate further, but we need to come together for these solutions.

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