Voting Rights & Voting Participation

Voting is what makes a democracy a democracy. Without it we are a dictatorship, a monarchy, or under authoritarian rule. America is a beacon for democracy around the world and we need to make sure that we uphold our democratic values anytime they are questioned or challenged.

We also understand that our republic is made up of 50 states of the union and that each state has unique histories, challenges, and elections that only local governments can understand.

Voting Rights & Voting Participation
    When in congress Matthew will..

    Make sure every American citizen is automatically registered to vote in federal elections as soon as they turn 18

    Make a federal guideline no one should wait more than 2 hours to vote. Any longer would be considered voter suppression. States need to make sure there are enough polling stations to ensure efficient voting.

    Make elections transparent and auditable for anyone. If you can track your Amazon package you should be able to track your ballot.

    Ensure that only American citizens with state issued ID can vote.

    Strike down laws that disallow convicted criminals to vote if they have served their time

    Work to increase voter turnout in the primary and general elections

    Change the antiquated congressional election certification process