America’s innovation and innovators has and always will be the backbone of our economy and our exceptionalism. However, fierce competition out of China and other countries is making America less competitive. With the right people in congress I know the USA, especially Ohio, can be home to the innovation, and builders of the future. Right now, there are many companies moving out of California to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and other states. They should be moving to Ohio. There are also many new startups that are being created. Why not here in Ohio?

    I will…

    Make sure that companies are started in the USA with a focus on OH13 by making the USA a welcoming place for trying new business ideas. This is by making sure that emerging technologies and industries have clear guidelines of how to operate, are welcome into the USA market, and have support, not roadblocks, in trying new things

    I will work to gather professionals and experts from innovative fields and give them a seat at the table to help guide welcoming policy and legal frameworks

    When elected I will work with every stakeholder to make Ohio a competitive destination for these companies. This will bring people, good paying jobs, and revenue for Ohio.