America has been the guiding light of a nation's infrastructure for most of the 20th century. I want to make sure that the USA leads in infrastructure for the remainder of this century into the 22nd century, and there is no better place to build the infrastructure for America than in Ohio.

What is infrastructure? Infrastructure is a public good that allows connectivity and utility to all.

Good infrastructure does this on a level that can be found in many countries around the globe.

Great infrastructure is what we need to create and that can only be found in the USA and places us in a position that competitively sets us apart from other countries.

    What is great infrastructure? It is…

    Systems of travel that allows large populations of people to travel great distances quickly and safely, while also using the travel productively

    Connectivity that allows for future proof communication and transfer of data at speeds that will not be outdated

    Healthy living for all citizens. This includes clean water, air, access to healthy food, and health services preventative, mental/emotional, and hospitals

    A power grid that can scale with time and need, and can supply adequate, affordable power to all.

    Safe streets and communities that one can walk anytime of day and any time of night without fear

    Secure and stable retirement for our elderly

    Systems that encourage innovation, business development, and entrepreneurship so the economy can thrive and bring market confidence.