Every child in Ohio deserves an A+ education in a great school with great teachers.

Too often the quality of your education depends on which school district you live in and ivy league politicians in Washington aren’t doing anything about it, because their kids aren’t the ones suffering.

I took a non traditional path in my schooling. I dropped out of highschool and got a GED and went right to work. Later, I attended community college and then graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in political science. I received a full scholarship to study at Beijing University and became an expert in the Chinese language. I also received a full scholarship for an MBA.

    I promise to fight for…

    Putting trade and vocational courses back into highschools

    Create relationships with companies and students to promote internships and apprenticeships in the trades and skilled labor

    Support free training schools to make Ohio’s workers the easy choice for companies to relocate to

    Put respect and dignity in all career paths and work. Every worker in Ohio is an important part of the whole
    Respect people's careers and jobs

    Make sure every school has the same resources to create the same opportunity for all students

    Advocate for personal financial literacy, capital/financial markets, preventative health/nutrition, and civics education in classrooms