In Ohio, we build things. We need to future proof Ohio by making our state competitive to get the jobs that are going to other states. I grew up here and I remember the dignity of work growing up next to the steel plant. We need to turn hard work into skills, skills into careers, and careers into generational family & community stability.

Our small businesses deserve an environment that fosters growth and development that
leads to the dignity of living wages and paychecks. When I go to Washington I’ll fight to bring resources back to our state that incentivize businesses coming into the district.

Right now the USA is seeing a new emerging industrial revolution. Automobile companies are manufacturing back in the USA. And we absolutely can not allow Ohio to miss out on the next phase of industrial growth. We need someone in Washington who is going to fight for Ohio, to make sure that we’re doing everything possible to bring jobs to Ohio - whether that’s making a more business-friendly environment, or setting up our workers to be the 21st century talent these companies need.

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I am a two time and current small business owner. I understand the importance of small businesses to the community and the time and energy it takes to start, own, and run a small business. I believe small businesses are the pillars of communities.

I want to support small businesses and entrepreneurs by…

  • Expanding access to resources to open small businesses

  • Creating internships and apprenticeship opportunities to gain the skills needed to operate and own a small business

  • Create federal match programs to help fund startups

  • Work with community colleges, high schools, and trade schools to create curriculum based around operating and administering a small business

  • Create business plan competitions working with local businesses and the government to encourage new ideas and entrepreneurship

  • Find solutions to make small businesses better equipped to compete with large corporate chains

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We owe it to our children and their children to take the threat of climate change seriously, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that energy jobs of all stripes are in Ohio--not other states.

But like so many issues, Washington uses this as a political football and tells us we have to choose between a safe environment for our children’s future and good paying jobs.

I lived overseas and went to college in Hawaii and lived in Asia. I saw first hand how bad our air quality can be.. There were days in Beijing where my eyes burned from the pollution in the air.

We have to reduce emissions and shift our focus to green jobs and energy. But we have to make sure those jobs are in Ohio and not allow our efforts to clean up the environment to hurt local businesses. We can do both.

And instead of trying to eliminate fossil fuels, we should safely encourage job creators in the fossil fuel industry to hire Ohioans while incentivizing them for an inevitable shift towards renewable energy jobs. We must start building that infrastructure now.


Inflation is the unspoken burden of American families. In normal times inflation is a 2.5% tax on American workers. Meaning if you do not get at least a 2.5% raise yearly, you will make less and less year over year. From 2021-2022 we have seen a 8.4% or more inflation rate. This means every American has lost a portion of their buying power, making it harder everyday for Americans to make ends meet.

Matthew will..

  • Be fiscally responsible and not vote for wasteful spending

  • Be a good steward of the power of the purse

  • Advocate for reducing national debt

  • Reduce taxes on the middle class while making corporations pay their fair share

  • Advocate for the FED to stop the devaluation of the US Dollar


Immigration is what our country is built on. Americans are proud of our diverse roots and welcome others from all over the world to take part in the great American accomplishment.

Matthew will work for…​

  • Making sure our borders are secure

  • Uphold DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

  • Find a path to citizenship for undocumented workers currently in the USA

  • Streamline the path for immigration for American citizens with foreign family

  • Streamline the application process for non-American immigration and visitation

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Every child in Ohio deserves an A+ education in a great school with great teachers.

Too often the quality of your education depends on which school district you live in and ivy league politicians in Washington aren’t doing anything about it, because their kids aren’t the ones suffering.

I took a non traditional path in my schooling. I dropped out of highschool and got a GED and went right to work. Later, I attended community college and then graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in political science. I received a full scholarship to study at Beijing University and became an expert in the Chinese language. I also received a full scholarship for an MBA.

I promise to fight for…

  • Putting trade and vocational courses back into highschools

  • Create relationships with companies and students to promote internships and apprenticeships in the trades and skilled labor

  • Support free training schools to make Ohio’s workers the easy choice for companies to relocate to

  • Put respect and dignity in all career paths and work. Every worker in Ohio is an important part of the whole

  • Respect people's careers and jobs

  • Make sure every school has the same resources to create the same opportunity for all students

  • Advocate for personal financial literacy, capital/financial markets, preventative health/nutrition, and civics education in classrooms

Doctor's Clinic


Healthcare is a burden for American families, businesses, and our overall economy.

Matthew will work for…

  • Creating a public option

  • Making price caps for everyday drugs and procedures

  • Becoming the country with lowest infant mortality

  • Becoming the safest place in the world to give birth for a mother

  • Ending medical bankruptcy

  • Focusing on preventative healthcare by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle

  • Destigmatizing mental health and make it covered

  • Pass MediCare legislation so our elderly can grow old comfortably and with dignity



What is great infrastructure? It is…

  • Systems of travel that allows large populations of people to travel great distances quickly and safely, while also using the travel productively

  • Connectivity that allows for future proof communication and transfer of data at speeds that will not be outdated

  • Healthy living for all citizens. This includes clean water, air, access to healthy food, and health services preventative, mental/emotional, and hospitals

  • A power grid that can scale with time and need, and can supply adequate, affordable power to all.

  • Safe streets and communities that one can walk anytime of day and any time of night without fear

  • Secure and stable retirement for our elderly

  • Systems that encourage innovation, business development, and entrepreneurship so the economy can thrive and bring market confidence.


America’s innovation and innovators has and always will be the backbone of our economy and our exceptionalism. However, fierce competition out of China and other countries is making America less competitive. With the right people in congress I know the USA, especially Ohio, can be home to the innovation, and builders of the future. Right now, there are many companies moving out of California to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and other states. They should be moving to Ohio. There are also many new startups that are being created. Why not here in Ohio?

I will…

  • Make sure that companies are started in the USA with a focus on OH13 by making the USA a welcoming place for trying new business ideas. This is by making sure that emerging technologies and industries have clear guidelines of how to operate, are welcome into the USA market, and have support, not roadblocks, in trying new things

  • I will work to gather professionals and experts from innovative fields and give them a seat at the table to help guide welcoming policy and legal frameworks

  • When elected I will work with every stakeholder to make Ohio a competitive destination for these companies. This will bring people, good paying jobs, and revenue for Ohio.

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It is crazy that people in congress are trading stocks of the companies that they are supposed to regulate. The fact is you can't regulate companies that you have personal vestige in their success or failure. Congress has time and time again shown that they will trade on new coming out of their committees and inside information. This must stop NOW!

Matthew will work for…

  • Matthew will not hold individual stocks

  • Making the ethics committee that monitors the financial ethics of congressional members is administered by outside committee members. NOT members of congress

  • Propose legislation that will make owning and trading individual stock illegal for sitting members of congress and their spouses

  • Create new guidelines and investment opportunities for members of congress that are removed from the duties


Minimum wage needs to be a livable wage. If you put in 40 hours a week with no overtime at minimum wage that should be enough to support you.

Matthew with work for…

  • Livable wages that will increase with inflation and tied to the CPI (Consumer Price Index)

  • Removing the burden to employers for healthcare

  • Investing in Social Security: if you work and contribute you shouldn’t struggle in retirement



There is so much to say about our great lakes. They are a natural marvel that needs to be protected at all costs. Lake Erie is also an amazing economic attraction that is sorely underutilized. We need to not only protect our lake but also try to develop this great resource for tourism, summer recreational activities, restaurant and bars, and encourage people from all over the world to to see and experience one of the greatest fresh bodies of water in the world.