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Matthew Diemer was born in Cleveland and raised by his mother and adopted father. Matthew and his two siblings grew up poor as their parents worked hard to make ends meet, teaching their children the values of faith, perseverance, and commitment.


Matthew’s father worked in blue-collar jobs and rode a bicycle to work, even in the winter, because the family had one car. The family then moved to Bedford as his father earned a degree from Cleveland State University so he could provide more for his children.


As a kid, Matthew participated in the Cub Scouts and worked on cars with his uncle, and his mother would lead the family in singalongs on their front porch as the neighbors gathered to listen. His father now serves as a pastor and every week the family went to church, where Matthew gained mentors who taught him about the outdoors and how to responsibly handle a gun.


With the goal of becoming a chef, Matthew started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to run restaurant kitchens before going back to college. After working as an English teacher while studying in China, Matthew returned to Cuyahoga County where he works in communications as a small business owner and working to amplify the voices of his community.


The faith, perseverance, and commitment he learned as a child have helped Matthew tackle tragedy along his path.  Matthew lost his son at 14 days old when he couldn’t immediately afford the operation his son needed to correct a severe heart condition.  Then years later, his sister was raped and murdered by her supervisor and he worked with authorities to seek justice.


More recently, Matthew’s brother lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These experiences fuel Matthew’s drive to serve the public and bring change to Washington so Northeast Ohioans have more economic opportunities, access to affordable healthcare, and feel safe in their communities.  


Matthew is running for Congress to fight for Northeast Ohio by putting partisanship aside and bringing some sorely needed accountability to Washington.


Why I need your support

I want to work to bring jobs to Ohio, while making sure our rights stay intact. I want to fight for equality, while understanding a rising tide lifts all boats. I also want to look towards the future and be ahead of the change, instead of reacting to it. These are nonpartisan issues that we should all agree on. But our progress is lost because of Washington’s refusal to see past partisanship. We need a fighter. From loss to gain. From failure to success. From have not to have. Like so many of us in NEO, I have fought through it and that’s the determination I’ll take to Washington.