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Hey Northeast Ohio! Thank you for taking this first step to getting to know a little more about me, and why I’m running for Congress.


While you’re here I hope you watch my announcement video above, but I wanted to share a short note so you can hear directly from me.


I don’t need to tell you… there's a lot to get done in Washington.


We need more affordable health care, an economy that looks to the future, and dignity in work and no matter your career path. But politicians these days are more interested in scoring political points than solving big problems -- but I'll tackle all of it. The stakes are too high not to try.


There’s a lot we’ll talk about as this campaign unfolds. But as I decided whether or not to run for office, there were three things that kept coming top of mind for me… the three pillars of our campaign:


Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Our small businesses deserve an environment that fosters growth and development that leads to opportunity for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats. I will work with every town/city/village in our district to make sure our main streets have more small businesses not boards on the windows, and give more NE Ohioans a chance at starting a business and creating more jobs as they do it.




In Ohio, we build. It’s what we do. Right now, we have a resurgence of American innovation and manufacturing. We must make our state competitive to get the jobs that are going to other states and future-proof Ohio. We can turn hard work into skills, skills into careers, and careers into generational family & community stability.




Too often, Washington politicians are forgetting to practice basic common decency. Everyone deserves a voice, to be treated with respect, and to be heard. I made a

career out of bringing people together, giving them a platform, and bridging divides. I'll work with anyone willing to bring ideas to the table that help Ohio.


Thanks for listening, and I look forward to seeing you out on the trail. If you see me, come say hi.


Our campaign is relying on grassroots donors like you to help fund our campaign. By contributing today, you’re helping to bring real change to Ohio. 



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